Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    In earlier testing we've noticed that USB extensions can have a bad impact on the reliability of the connection especially on consoles where a security is checking repetitively and wants to receive a correct answer from the base in milliseconds.

    Earlier the GT DD Pro had a firmware issue but it was resolved a while ago, confirmed by many to have worked. Because of a few recent reports we've re-run our tests with several bases and consoles connected over the several days and none of them lost connection. We once tried with several extensions and then sometimes a disconnect would happen after several hours.

    Currently the Podium DD has a firmware iss regarding this which we've solved internally, the fix will be part of the next driver we upload soon.

    But on the GT DD Pro there seems no firmware related issue right now. If someone has the issue he should make the USB connection is properly plugged in without extension (at least for testing) or try a different port like suggested by Aitor above this post.

  • Hi, pretty sure I have the exact same behavior since 2 weeks in Iracing with a DD2 and a Formula V2 plugged (sometimes for maybe 1-2 seconds, game is not registering input anymore and ingame wheel freeze). It seems to happen when FFB is at peak so taking a curb a bit roughly or on a quick turn. I tried to check on logs if there is something visible but nothing specific appear. Another weird thing I never noticed before, I run the base at 90% on fanatec setting and I get the impression I really reach the peak quicker than before for the same configuration in term of force (In Iracing I reaching "red" quite easily).

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    What you mention sounds like a different issue. The one we are mainly chasing at the moment and got reported by several people is that the steering angle jumps to maximum right or left for a split second, only visible very shortly or when watching the replay in slow motion. This behavior creates a short pulse in the FFB strength.

    The issue you describe sounds more like a short interruption of for example the USB communication. You can do the following

    1. check the cables if they sit well, you've said it happens during strong FFB, maybe the FFB wiggles the cable around and its a bit loose or damaged
    2. Make sure not too many USB devices are plugged into the same USB controller on the mainboard or hub. Try to spread the load across different USB controllers.
    3. You could try a different kind of USB port, for example switch from front USB to the ones on the back of the mainboard or the opposite or use USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 or the opposite.
    4. For testing you could also unplug other USB devices you don't need while driving to check if general USB load is the issue.
    5. Make sure Windows is not allowed to powersave the USB connection with the Fanatec base, see the screenshots below about the setting in the device manager

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    Hi Marcel,

    A third use case.. I have the exact same issue at hand with a brand new Podium R300 steering wheel (received 1 hour ago).

    I have a DD2, on driver 4.40, Base Firmware 692, Motor Firmware 42, a perfect working Formula v2.5x wheel on firmware 44.

    I just connected my Podium R300 (with an additional BME connected) and the Fanatec Control Panel doesn't recognize the wheel. After a restart of the DD2 the screen on the DD2 turns off right after start-up and Control Panel doesn't work anymore, it freezes. The only thing I can do is turn off the DD2 again. Putting on the v2.5x again works fine, but only after restart of the DD2.

    So now I can't try out my brand new steering wheel, which I was eagerly waiting for of course :)

    Edit: I just downgraded firmware to 4.39 since that's the last official release, but no luck. Podium R300 not recognized. But the DD2 keeps working this time, no freeze of the DD2 and/or Control Panel.

  • Thanks a lot for your quick input. I will try this, but as I did not change my hardaware recently it is weird that it happens now.

    It just happen again few minutes ago and checking this log I can see this with the log created at the time I lost the ffb. Do you think it is related?

    Best regards.

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  • Could you please send driver 442 to me as well to

  • With the 439 i have no Problems. I only play Gran Turismo 7 and there i have the problems. I use the original cable that came with it. The cable sits tight. That was the first thing i tested.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I'm sorry to hear that the brand new wheel is not working.

    Did you also downgrade the firmware after installing driver 439?

    If you want to try that, make sure to first downgrade the motor firmware (second in the list) and then the base firmware (first in the list). Would be interesting if the issue also happens with those older firmware versions.

    If you feel uncomfortable with downgrading I can send you a modified driver which includes an automatic downgrade feature. Or you need to wait a few days until we've finalized all fixes and upload 443.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    the FFB trace you show has nothing to do with it, especially because your issue is with the position.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback, we'll have another look.

  • Hi Marcel,

    Initially I did not, but later I thought of it and did the firmware downgrade as well. Looking at the versions I only had to downgrade Base firmware from 692 to 691. Motor firmware was still 42 in Drivers 4.40.

    Both situations give the same result unfortunately, no recognition of the Podium Hub wheel.



  • Hi Marcel,

    I have the same problem.

    The first podium hub was not recognized. I sent it back and received a replacement.

    And the new one didn't go either. According to support, the First Podium Hub was not broken.

    I have already tried a downgrade. The support had told me the version 381. Also first the engine then the base. Didn't help. Previously I had the driver version 439. Then brought the DD2 back to the latest version (driver 439).

    I also have a Universal Hub V2. This one had worked once. But not always. Had to turn the DD2 on and off 2-3 times. Then it hadn't worked at all.

    I already have the replacement. But I don't want to test it. Not that it breaks again.

    The support recommended me to remove the Quick Release Hub and check the connectors. Plug them in and out again. Didn't help either.

    And Formula 2.5 still works perfectly.

  • 1 pm also for 442 version

    I have csl elite ps4 and load cell. i think i will be ok ...

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    When you dont have any issue then I think you can also wait for 443 to be released.

    Marcel is busy enough, please dont stress him by asking him to send you driver 442 when there is no real need.

    442 will only be send to people by PM who have issues with update / downgrade issues of previous 442 upload.

  • Ok bro! you are right. I feel something strange with f1 22

    i will use 440

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I think it might be cause by the base, either exchanging the QR and connectors could help, if not the whole base might need to get replaced. I don't believe it's a software issue because you've already tried older driver/firmware without it making a difference.

  • Have already talked to the support. I send my DD2 back for repair.


  • Please send me a PM with 442 . Thank you appreciate your time.

  • When you dont have any issue (and seems you did not reported any issue) then I think you can also wait for 443 to be released.

    Marcel is busy enough, please dont stress him by asking him to send you driver 442 when there is no real need.

    442 will only be send to people by PM who have issues with update / downgrade issues of previous 442 upload.

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    Edit: wrong topic.

  • Bonjour j'ai un problème avec mon Fanatec DD2 439 Pourrais-je avoir la 442 Please Thangs

  • You have to wait for Driver 443.

    PS: please post in English according to the forum rules.

  • Hello I have a problem with my Fanatec DD2 439 Could I have the 442

    • Wheel Base Model (product ID): DD1
    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Formula V2
    • Driver Version: 442
    • Base FW Version:
    • Motor FW Version:
    • Wheel FW Version: 45
    • FanaLab Version: 1.64.5
    • Tuning Menu settings: see tunning1
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else? C

    After 20-30 mins in a session (rF2) FFB brakes, gets very light and grindy. Before it brakes the FFB feels muddy (with or without motor calibration erased). With 439-429 the same issues is present again after 20 mins roughly, but it brakes very subtle, with ~2% off ffb strength and change of character (like some interpolation or filter goes/kicks in). Briefly tried 381 (neither recalling before when used it) anything like this happening. Not need to say this inconsistency and deteriorating FFB is more than annoying.

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    Hi Marcel,

    A 4th use case. I have the exact same issue at hand with a brand new Podium F1 setup trying to use my 911 steering wheel. I cannot access the BME to rollback and using this wheel crashes my base

    I have a Podium DD1, works perfect with F1 wheel.

    The Fanatec Control Panel doesn't recognize the BME 911 wheel. After a restart of the DD1 the screen on the DD1 turns off right after start-up and Control Panel doesn't work anymore, it freezes. The only thing I can do is turn off the DD1 again. Putting on the F1 wheel works after a restart. 

    I’ve spent hours attempting to rollback driver and using the BME boot loader tool that fails to do anything.

    I spent $3200 on June 9th and haven’t been able to use my 911 wheel since more than 1 day before this happened. Been incredibly frustrating trying to get any help or response through customer service/ticket.

    Please help! Thank you.

  • Why is FANATEC ignoring us?! There is obviously an issue. Just sent me the 3rd part to "fix" my issue with my Podium Hub, but same exact issue. Over $3,000 spent and it's like they just sit there and laugh at us.

  • hi, sorry for just responding now and thanks for your interest.

    dd1 (May 2019) and the 363/365 driver?, I don't remember.

    I even sent the mclaren gt3 v1 in 6/2020 for repair and it worked fine for 3/4 days. then i ordered csl hub for xbox and the wrc and both 3 have the same issue. thanks


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