Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)

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How to report issues:

If you report a driver or firmware issue, please make cross checks:

  1. Update driver and FW separately to isolate an issue and find out if caused by driver OR firmware.
  2. Which driver OR firmware shows the issue
  3. Which driver OR firmware does not show the issue
  4. Check if you can reproduce the issue again if you go back to the version which seems to have caused the issue
  5. Check if the issue is related to specific settings of for example the tuning menu. Is it happening more or less with a specific setting raised or lowered?
  6. Post the answers gathered from the questions above + a short description of the issue including the following info:
  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): ...
  • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): ....
  • Driver Version: ....
  • Base FW Version: ....
  • Motor FW Version: ....
  • Wheel FW Version: ....
  • FanaLab Version: ....
  • Tuning Menu settings
  • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else?
  • With driver related issues collect log files and zip them from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs

Changelog since driver 440

Firmware versions included

  • Podium DD1 / DD2 Base: (NEW)
  • Podium DD1 / DD2 Motor: (NEW)
  • CSL DD / GT DD PRO Base: (NEW)
  • CSL DD / GT DD PRO Motor:
  • CSW V1 Base: 691 (NEW)
  • CSW V2 Base: 691 (NEW)
  • CSW V2.5 Base: 691 (NEW)
  • CSL E Base: 691 (NEW)
  • CSL E Base PS4: 691 (NEW)
  • CSL / CSW Motor: 22
  • Podium SW BMW M4 GT3: 8 (NEW)
  • Podium HUB: 6
  • Podium BME: 21 (NEW)
  • CS SW Formula V2(X), V2.5(X): 45 (NEW)
  • CS SW F1 Esports V2: 4
  • CS SW RS: 3 (NEW)
  • CS SW BMW V2: 2
  • CS UH V2 / UHX V2: 1
  • GT DD PRO SW: 8 (NEW)
  • CSL SW McLaren GT3 V2: 45 (NEW)
  • CSL SW McLaren GT3: 35 (NEW)
  • CSL SW WRC: 4
  • CSL UH: 3
  • CS P V3: 1.34 (NEW)
  • CSL EP LCK: 1.13 (NEW)
  • CSL P LCK: 1.8 (NEW)

Control Panel

  • Adapted Firmware Manager update process to new P DD firmware. Because of the extensive firmware changes in regard to the internal communication. 
  • Fixed UI crash when using P1 steering wheel.
  • Fixed and updated UI and hint texts.
  • Fixed BLI Tuning Menu setting also shown if no accessory is attached which supports it.
  • Fixed UI not minimizing when clicking on the task bar field of the Control Panel window.
  • Implemented Advanced Clutch Bite point adjustment for CSL E 1.0/1.1 and CSW V1/V2.
  • Added High/Low Torque mode to titles for the Podium DD on the wheel base and tuning menu page to indicate the current mode.
  • Changed shown steering angle of CSL E WB 1.0/1.1 and CSW V1/V2 be shown in %. Range is now "-100%" to "0%" to "100%"
  • Fixed ACP mode wrong after changing Advanced Mode / Standard Mode on wheel rims with APM multi position switch
  • Fixed Formula V2 APM visibility on Tuning Menu Page
  • Fixed BME APM visibility on Tuning Menu Page
  • Fixed CBP Slider visibility on Tuning Page

All Bases

  • Fixed BRF getting reset after base restart.
  • Fixed Advanced Clutch Bite Point getting set to 0 in Setup 5.
  • Fixed Auto Setup (A_S) getting shown as active in the wheel display when switching to it. Now only gets shown as active if currently used by a game. 
  • Fixed Auto Setup (A_S) not getting shown as inactive in some cases after the game closed.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues in the Tuning Menu.
  • Fixed BLI Tuning Menu setting also shown if no accessory is attached which supports it.
  • Fixed that only one MPS input could get send at a time when two MPS get turned at the same time.
  • Fixed Clutch Bite Point value getting shown while Tuning Menu is open.
  • Tuning Menu now gets closed when wheel gets detached.
  • Changed Tuning Menu setting "FF" to "FFB" on 1” OLEDs and 7-seg displays.
  • Changing Tuning Menu mode via the driver now also shows an info on the wheel display.
  • Improved mode change text.
  • Removed preceding 0 on TM values.

Podium DD

  • New version number system for base firmware and motor firmware which follows the formatting used on the CSL DD and GT DD PRO. (e.g.
  • Fixed FFB jolts which mainly happened when analysis screens were shown on the P DD display.
  • Fixed rare and brief jump of steering wheel position. Most noticeable in iRacing by a rapid steering angle change only visible for ~1 frame. Could be felt as a jolt like sensation. 
  • Fixed input freezes on PlayStation.
  • Fixed FFB effect not getting stopped when entering a game menu while driving.
  • Fixed weird feeling caused by NFR setting.
  • Fixed vibration caused by higher NFR settings.
  • Fixed "Maximum rotations exceeded" message getting shown without reason.
  • Fixed INT not working correctly if FFB is set higher than 50% and FEI set to 100.
  • Fixed damper effect getting activated unintentionally when having a crash in iRacing.
  • Fixed DPR behaving differently in ACC when new in-game damper is used.
  • Fixed text cut off on ITM page 1
  • Potential fix of a very rare issue where an unintended base update would get started while a vibration effect gets activated by iRacing.
  • FFS setting is now inactive and hidden in low torque mode, because it had no useful influence in low torque mode.
  • Fixed Clutch Bite Point value getting shown differently on base and wheel display.
  • Fixed sometimes CAL still shown even though center calibration was already done after a firmware update.
  • General improvements of timing, stability and latency.
  • Increased resolution of analysis screen graphs again. (resolution got reduced in a past update to improve the jolt issue)
  • Torque message can now also be cleared with shifter paddles of UH(X) V2.
  • Adjusted strength of damper effect which is controlled by the "DPR" setting of the advanced Tuning Menu.


  • Fixed rare and brief jump of steering wheel position. Most noticeable in iRacing by a rapid steering angle change only visible for ~1 frame. Could be felt as a jolt like sensation. 

CSL E 1.0/1.1 and CSW V1/V2

  • Fixed GT Steering Wheel (From GT DD PRO) not working.
  • Fixed communication of Advanced Clutch Bite Point value.

Button Module Endurance

  • Improved the message indicating the Tuning Menu mode change.
  • Cosmetic improvements of tuning menu.


  • Fixed wrong button shown in shifter calibration screen.

RS Steering Wheel

  • Fixed glimming revLEDs while Tuning Menu is open.

Load Cell Pedals

  • Note: Pedals can only get updated via USB
  • Caution: Never plug in RJ12 and USB at the same time. Unplug RJ12 before using USB to update and unplug USB again before using RJ12 again to connect pedals to base. 
  • Fixed brake input flickering of CSP V3.
  • Improved lower end dead zones to prevent ghost input.
  • Improved upper dead-zones in auto calibration to prevent saving a too high value if pressed hard against the end stop.
  • Improved standard values in automatic calibration so the first slight input is not directly at 100%.
  • Improved automatic calibration so short peaks at max against the end stops don't set a calibration which can't be reached anymore afterwards. Max input now needs to stay for ~2sec to get auto calibrated again.

Known Issues

  • When entering a game menu while driving it can happen in some games that the FFB effect doesn't get canceled which results in the wheel turning to one side. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD but can still happen on the CSL DD. We will now apply the fix for the CSL DD as well)
  • Natural friction can start to feel weird after some time of driving. In case you experience issues with NFR, we suggest to turn it OFF for now. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD but can still happen on the CSL DD. We will now apply the fix for the CSL DD as well)
  • CSL E 1.0/1.1 and CSW V1/V2 are not shown in the Fanatec Control Panel. Will be fixed in next version.

Compatible FanaLab Version:


Download temporarily removed to prevent further cases of problems with upgrading firmware. We'll implement several measure to prevent an update being possible in an incorrect order as well as clearer instructions on how to perform the update/downgrade correctly including guidance on how to recover a product from a state where it can't get detected anymore.

In case you are affected by the update issue and your Podium DD is not working correctly, not detected by the PC and fan running at 100%: Follow the instructions of this PDF



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