Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • I successfully upgraded my DD1 to the new firmware. No issues to speak of (knock on wood). I'm just wondering if there are any new recommended profile settings for iRacing to go along with the new firmware?

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    If you have problems with updating the steering wheel firmware using a Podium DD

    We've finally got a "bad" P DD base with which we can reliably reproduce the issue and these are our findings which might help you as well.

    • It seems to only happen with some bases. While with the "bad" base the updates fail most of the time, we could recover the wheels using a different base. If you have a second base or a friend close by with one, you can very likely recover your wheel by updating it with the other base.
    • For the "bad" base it seems to mainly happen when using the new firmware 3.0.0., after downgrading the base first to a lower motor firmware (very important to do that first) and then to a lower base firmware the steering wheel updates were significantly more reliable. If you want to try this, remove driver 442, install an older driver and first flash the motor firmware, only after that flash the base firmware. After that re-try the steering wheel update.
    • While trying updates a lot of times, sometimes the updated went fine after for example ~20times. There is a chance it might work also for others if giving some additional tries, however we suggest to either do it with a different base or the older firmware to recover the wheel.

    We are now investigating why it's only happening with some P DD bases, why its sometimes working and why it's more likely to happen with the new 3.0.0.x firmware.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    We are trying to re-release it as soon as possible but we will take the time make sure all preventable. Originally I thought we might be able to have a new one this week but as we can now confirm it's only happening with some bases it gets more complex to validate the fixes. We might share the new version first with people having the issues to see if they are then resolved for those people.

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    Please have a look at the info I provided above in case it helps you. Are we talking about McLaren V1 or V2? or one of both?

    The McLaren V2 and BME should be recoverable with the instructions I made, the McLaren V1 we which gets shown as a different wheel we are currently looking into how we can recover that as well.

    If you can recover one of the wheels with the instructions above then it might be worth not directly sending in everything and waiting until we know more about the issue and if it can be solved with software.

    If you have questions, let me know.

  • Yes, I said in the past that I haven't had the v 2.5 x form for long.

     It was shipped with version 41 and after that I could bottle it up to v43.

  • I am experiencing random disconnections between dd pro and ps5. The steering wheel is still on but the disconnected message appears and you have to press the "PS" button to reconnect. If it happens in the menus it's not a problem, but yesterday it happened to me 5 times in the same race.

    Is there a way to revert back to version 439 safely?

  • Marcel,

    Thank you for your response. I have motor firmware 3 (Doesn't say 3.0.0, I don't know if that matters) but unfortunately, I no longer have driver 442. 😞

  • Thanks for the great root cause analysis, Maurice and Marcel. I'm looking forward to the re-release of 442 or 443...

  • Is there an updated motor firmware for dd pro to test instead of the If so, could I have the hex file please? eg

  • Both versions of the McLaren wheel, unfortunately.

    Regarding your instructions: I will try today. Which driver should I use for the downgrade? As far back as possible? The PBME requires a certain minum, I reckon.


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    For the GT DD reverting is still easy and without risk, just delete 442, install 439 and then manually flash the firmware files of the base.

    But I'm surprised you are having issues, we constantly have a GT DD PRO running on PS5 also over night without any disconnects so far. Are you sure it came with the update, is the USB connection stable or are you maybe using an extension?

    In case you downgrade to 439, let us know if the issue did go away.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I'm sending you a PM with driver 442. If motor firmware is 3 then you need to have driver 442 installed and then press the power button for 10 seconds to start the base. This will then flash base firmware and then the base should work normal again.

    If you then want to downgrade to an older driver, you need to uninstall 442, install the old driver and then first flash the motor firmware before the base firmware. If the driver is older it can be that the base firmware update also needs to be forced with pressing the power button for 10 seconds after the motor firmware downgrade.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    We are currently looking into if and how we can revive a wheel which is detected as something else. Will let you know when I know more.

    But in general your base needs to be on an earlier firmware than as we found out that with some specific bases updates fail with this firmware version. Also if you want to recover the BME you.

    If you want to downgrade to an earlier driver and firmware, make sure to downgrade the motor firmware first before the base firmware or if you are unsure wait for driver 443 which we are working on, it will include an automatic downgrade function.

  • Hello,

    I use the original cable without extensions, I have tried the 2 rear usb and the front one. I just need to buy a usb-c to usb-c cable and try that port.

    I'm not sure it's a problem with the update, in fact after the update it started to happen sometimes (like 1 or 2 disconnections a week) but yesterday it started to be constant, in 25 minutes that a race lasts it disconnected 5 times.

  • This is after removing the current driver and installing 493. Is this correct? "Firmware 42" has me suspicious, to be honest...

  • This means your Motor is flashed to and your Base is flashed to (which is shown as 768 in driver UI 439 because that UI cant handle the semantic versioning). This means your base is fully updated to the latest firmwares from Driver 442 and you need Driver 442 to work with those Firmwares.

    As you are now on Driver 439 you would need to downgrade FIRST the Motor back to v42 and AFTERWARDS the Base to 691 to get the Firmwares matching the driver you are using again. With this older Firmware you should have a higher Chance to flash the Steering Wheel then.

  • Ok, I'll try. The numbers make no sense to me at all, but I guess that's why you want to go to semantic versioning, right? ;)

  • The numbers dont make any Sense because the Driver 439 does not understand the new language of semantic versioning, therefore it shows so weird numbers.

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    No luck with the PBME -- the bootloader just crashes, and the display on the base goes black.

    UPDATER_LOG: FANATEC COM port found!
    UPDATER_LOG: Error: Connect device failed(Error: UartPeripheral() cannot open PC UART port(COM5), speed(19200 Hz).).

    What is it with these com ports?

  • Hello guys,

    where are the 442 beta driver for download???

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    As explained in the very first post: The Download temporarily removed to prevent further cases of problems with upgrading firmware. We'll implement several measure to prevent an update being possible in an incorrect order as well as clearer instructions on how to perform the update/downgrade correctly including guidance on how to recover a product from a state where it can't get detected anymore.

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    Then I think its a good idea to try the earlier version to see if it happens or not

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I'm sending you a driver via PM which should help you to resolve the Firmware miss match and BME issue.

  • Hello guys,

    where are the 442 beta driver for download???

  • Just a heads-up: Marcel was able to help me recover my PBME and my McLaren v2. There's still an issue with some FW mismatch on the motor/base, but at least the wheels are working again. I was even confident enough to upadte to update a Formula v2 (which I held off for obvious reasons), and it went through just fine.

    So while this is still a rather big mess, they are on it.

  • Greetings!

    I successfully updated my GT DD Pro base with firmware 442. I did this on the first day of the firmware’s release from the direct link on this forum thread. I did not realize it was a Beta. (My fault) Anyway, will I need to update again once the re-release or updated 442 is made available? 442-v2? 

    So far, I haven’t had any issues with 442. It’s been stable. I use the base with my two favorite wheels, the BMW GT V2 and Formula V2.5. Both on PS5. No disconnects from the PS5 and nothing weird to report from a use perspective. The only thing I noticed (this could be normal) is the updater sees my Formula V2.5 as a V2.0. Otherwise, the wheel is working perfectly on F1 2021 with all the buttons and encoders functioning.

    Thanks for the great work and advice on this forum! =)

  • Good afternoon, it is unacceptable for an international company like fanatec to provide these services to customers is degrading.

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