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  • Thanks! But also with ACC I get this message when trying to connect the app: No "Tuning Menu Control" compatible device detected.

  • Maybe your Firewall is blocking the access of the App? Dont know. Working fine here and for everyone else so something on your PC is blocking something...

  • Jeff AldisJeff Aldis Member
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    Does this work with the 456 drivers, or only 455 (link sends me to the 455 drivers)?

  • Hello, why doesn't the mvl application work with F1 23? With ACC and AMS2 it works for me, any solution? I have the latest drivers installed on my fanatec csl dd steering wheel Mclaren Gt3V2

  • What is a mvl application?

    F1 23 is fully supported (as long as you do not have FanaLab running as TrayApp does not support port forwarding which would be needed to be able to have both the App and the Lab running in parallel).

  • I am referring to the Fanatec iPhone app, I do not receive the data from F1 23 but from ACC and AMS2, I am not running Fanalab, it must be some configuration within the game in F1 23 telemetry

  • Screenshot of the in game telemetry would certainly help.

  • d-box activated

    led lsi pro disabled

    udp telemetry activated

    udp relay mode disabled

    udp ip address

    udp port 20777

    udp 60hz sending rate

    udp 2023 format

    your telemetry restricted

  • Its the UDP port, needs to be set to 20888.

  • Thank you very much, it already works for me! And if it's not too much trouble, for the CSL DD 5nm are fanatec's recommended settings for F1 23 currently correct or are there any updated in 2024? thank you very much for your attention

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