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  • in the video there are text comments that explain everything you see, why do you need a voice?

  • An additional small feature suggestion. It'd be helpful to have the ability to copy settings from one profile slot to another. It's not a major thing, but more of a quality of life enhancement. This should actually be in both the app and Fanalab.

  • The App seems to have stopped working on Iphone, saying the beta period has ended. Is there going to be a full release soon, as I find the app extremely good.

  • Does not work anymore. Nothing appearing anymore on the WIndows tray...

    Am i the only one ?

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    That the Tray App icon is not shown in the Tray is a known issue since Windows 11 "Moment 2" update some months ago.

    A new Tray App with a fix for this will be included in the next driver, scheduled for next week.

  • I'm running driver version 450. Would I have to downgrade to 448 to be able to connect my Android device to my PC?

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Fanatec App now easier available

    We've now made both the android and iOS version of the app now easier accessible by moving it to the normal store of each platform. Now neither a special link or the TestFlight application are required anymore and the app can be found through the search function which lowers the barrier of entry.

    Link to the updated overview:

    As the app was recently updated, here an overview of the last changes which are now available with the upload of driver 451.

    • Fixed Tray App icon not shown in the Tray since Windows 11 "Moment 2" update.* 
    • Fixed several issues with the SEN slider, including a crash which could happen while switching between Standard and Advanced Tuning Menu mode.* 
    • Fixed default values resetting to wrong values while switching between Standard and Advanced Tuning Menu mode.* 
    • Fixed "Auto Setup locked" alert in A_S mode when clicking on free space on adjustable settings.
    • Disabled (greyed-out) ACP if the wheel has a MPS for ACP control (Fv2, McLv1, McLv2) to fix an issue where the CBP could freeze when you click on a ACP setting.
    • Added toggle to switch between Standard and Advanced Tuning Menu with 3 second waiting timer.*
    • Added Reset button right next to the Tuning Menu Setups with 10 second waiting timer.*
    • Included Fanatec video manual.
    • Keeping app navigation buttons available while "Waiting for data..." on ITM sceeens.
    • Auto reconnect to last IP now available in the settings.
    • Fixed FFS resets to LINEAR when switching from a wheel with Low Torque to a wheel with High Torque. 
    • Fixed ACP value names which mistakenly showed names of MPS before. 
    • Fixed non-working ACP radio buttons. Now the radio button is reflecting the actual status of the chosen ACP setting and it's now also possible to change the ACP setting in the App which previously had no effect at all.
    • Fixed incorrect SEN steps above 1080. Now the SEN value is changing correctly in steps of 90 instead of 10 above a value of 1080. 
    • Fixed an issue where only Green FlagLEDs were working in the Dashboard, now all FlagLED colors are working. 
    • Changed wording of "Flag LEDs" to "FlagLEDs". 
    • Changed the position of ABS and TC in the Dashboard to match the P DD / BME ITM. 
    • Changed the order of the Tuning Menu settings to match the order of the Driver UI. 
    • Changed the names of some Tuning Menu settings.
    • Added toggle choices / state names (PEAK/LINEAR, ON/OFF). 
    • Added a "?" below every Tuning Menu setting which shows the hint text known from the Driver UI or FanaLab to explain the respective feature. 
    • BRF, BLI, SHO, MPS, ACP and CBP are now adjustable when being in the Auto Setup. Non-adjustable settings are now greyed out when being in the Auto Setup.

    The changes marked with a * work together with the new version of the PC TrayApp which is part of driver 451 with the new PC side TrayApp

  • Is this topic already solved in v451? Because I still have the same issue

    -> PC is connected via LAN directly to the Fritz(!)Box mesh repeater 3000, but the repeater is within the same MESH WLAN network as the mobile

    • HAUWAI p20pro
    • Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (GU521094270)
    • CSL Elite Lenkrad McLaren GT3 V2 (CL251002530)
    • Driver Version: V451
    • Base FW Version: .newest version
    • Motor FW Version: .newest version
    • Wheel FW Version: newest version
    • FanaLab Version: V1.69.7
    • Tuning Menu settings: default
    • Driver/FanaLab not installed on c:/ but on another internal drive NTFS

  • Sounds like your Windows Firewall is blocking the access.

    • Android 5.1
    • Samsung Note 3 Neo (Stone Old Phone)
    • Wheel Base Model (product ID): CSW2.5
    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): Porsche 918
    • Driver Version: 451
    • Base FW Version: newest
    • Motor FW Version: 22
    • Wheel FW Version: NA
    • FanaLab Version: not installed
    • Tuning Menu settings
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else? - Default

    I totally love using the Fanatec app. And the app works very well on the PC and on the smartphone. What surprises me a bit is how hot the device gets and how quickly the battery is empty when it is used. Will it be possible to reduce the consumption somehow in the future? What I find great would be if there would be matching dashboards to the steering wheels you use. Or just like in the SIM dashboard app that can be built there own.

    With AM2 I have the problem that the placement does not fit exactly. Especially online multiplayer, where always times people come in and out. Since I do not know of course whether it is the game, or the program on the PC. The app shows only what the PC transmits to the app.

  • Hey, i have only one question. Runs the App with the latest F1 2023 from Codemasters, or is it planned for the future?

    Thanks for your answers …😀

  • Ok thanks😀

  • JohnJohn Member

    I would like to be able to use the app without having to connect to a PC for updating the drivers, because I don't own a PC and currently have no way to update the drivers

  • you can't do it without a pc

  • JohnJohn Member

    I am asking them to make it possible 😎

  • JohnJohn Member

    I know, my request is to make it possible. Put bluetooth into the wheelbase or something like that, like Moza did. OR make it possible to use the app with a MAC, which absolutely is possible with the current system. Offer something for people who don't own PCs

  • As I said, it's not possible with the current system so for now it's impossible to make it happen.

  • JohnJohn Member

    Why is it not possible to make it MAC compatible?

  • Because the current Software does not allowed to do so.

    It's on the list for sometime in the far future when a new Software is introduced but nothing coming anytime soon.

  • JohnJohn Member

    That's such an odd statement, software cane be written to allow such things, it just needs to be programmed, so it's 100% possible to do. But fine, if that's so low on Fanatecs priority list, just say it like that. Still disappointing for people who have no PCs though, if there is no option to do firmware updates without PCs anytime soon, I need to consider changing to another brand with better software support, but I want to stick with Fanatec... aaaah that hurts my brain now đŸ˜”

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    Which brand does support firmware updates on a Mac? Logitech or Thrustmaster also dont...

    If it would be that simple then I am sure every brand would offer it, but it's not ;)

  • JohnJohn Member

    Moza does, but I don't really like their products as much as fanatecs. Anyway, I don't even need the wheel to be compatible with games on the Mac, I am just asking for a way to send the latest firmware over to the fanatec products to update them, that's not some crazy difficult task, it's actually pretty basic. All my other Hardware products can do that, despite the fact that I can't actually use them on the MAC. It's just software for making the update. I can see that may be too much work to build into an app, but a simple MAC program purely for sending the firmware to the wheelbase is also not planned at all?

  • I've typed in my ip address numerous times and I keep getting this error. I'd like to try out the app with my dd. Thanks for any help!

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    may it because by having screen on at full brightness and charging at the same time?

    I think the biggest use for battery would be the screen because there are not so many calculations done on the phone which just displays data it receives.

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