Fanatec technical support is not responding.

Fanatec technical support is not responding.

I have a problem with my Mclaren steering wheel where the left grip literally broke off.

see video

I opened a ticket as the steering wheel is under warranty on 06/27/2024 and still no response.

How long does it take you to respond? It is unacceptable to have a support service that does not even respond to tickets requesting assistance for a product that is still under warranty.


  • Response times is still around 1 month unfortunately, so you still need to wait a bit longer until your case is being handled at the end of this month or early next month I guess.

  • Fanatec is currently a joke, just put all my gear on Ebay and Market place and moved over to Asetek. Never do business with Fanatec again.

  • I have to claim the response time, too.

    It`s about the damaged steering wheel of my son. He`s not able to play his most liked racing game AC since one month.

    That`s terrible for a kid.

    So, since one month now answer from the technical support. I sent a detailed failure description, included hardware status and all log files. Also It`s a "no go" that they are only available for contact by email and not by phone.

    From technical point of view the bug is (for me) clear. There is a hardware bug / connection error in the steering wheel.

    However. It`s inside warranty and Iafter 14 days of no response I sent fanatec a limit of another 14 days. Do I really have to get a lawyer now to get a 1:1 exchange for my son`s steering wheel right now or will fanatec take their responsibility and send me an new one?

    Or should I drive to Landshut and mess up their headquarter ;-)

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    They will get back to you for sure, but you need to wait until your case is the next in line, which currently takes around 5 weeks AFAIK after the latest Email you have sent as every new mail sends your case back to the end of the waiting queue.

    No need to go to a lawyer, he also can not speed things up.

  • Hello Maurice,

    hopefully you know that there is a law in Germany that the seller HAS TO solve the claim within 4 weeks - and this does always depends on the 1st date of the claim.

    If Fanatec is not able to handle such topics in the foreseen time of the law then they should try to get more people in their company immediately.

  • They're having financial difficulties, and you want them to hire more people; that's not going to happen. I get that it's your son, but there are others waiting also, who are just as important in the grand scheme of things.

    That law won't make a bit of difference if they go under, and if they do, you'll just be stuck with a wheel that doesn't work just like everyone else that needs a rma.

  • I've been waiting 2 weeks and nothing, thought it was just me they were ignoring

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, my DD Elite 8nm has been malfunctioning since January 2024. Support gave me tips by email in February. In March it was decided that the base had to be sent in. I am still waiting for my RMA code to send it in. At first it was said that the RMA was started by an employee but the system did not initiate the RMA. That was in April. At the beginning of June, another employee contacted me with the excuse that I had apparently been overlooked. A new RMA was started and I should receive the code in the next few hours. That was another 5 weeks ago. I am desperate. What else can I do?

  • it's a clear sign that the company is moribund. they will certainly have made heavy cuts in staff.

    Not being able to wait months to get a response from them, in the meantime I switched to Simagic, I sold off the pedals and steering wheels, I still had the podium to sell, after which my experience with fanatec will definitively end.

    I think that in the current state of after-sales service buying something from them is crazy

  • My Fanatec Wheelbase CSL DD is just two years old. I started the RMA when I still had a guarantee. My guarantee expired in June. I don't really see the point in buying a new wheelbase, I was prepared to wait a bit and give Fanatec a chance, but months? My base has been lying around for months now, even though it was under guarantee. Now I'm thinking about selling the wheelbase and wheel and switching to other manufacturers. I have no other choice. I know that it's not the normal support employee's fault, but I hope for an email every 10 weeks or longer (if you even get a reply). I'm also worried about sending my things back to Fanatec. 

    Perhaps a Fanatec admin could comment?

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    Hello, I wanted to bounce back on the words of morice which says that the deadline is four weeks I absolutely do not agree it has been more than eight weeks that I asked for technical assistance and still nothing so we must review the deadline has the increase nothing good rejoicing 

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