Software, Please not Hardware.

So I never had any problem like this with my CSL Clubsport V2.5, I have the CSL DD 8nm, When playing ACC during a race the dash of the BMW M4 will change and the wheel will spin to the left about 360 degrees and will hold there.

If I turn the base off and on it will come back but have no FFB, This can happen a couple of times after shutting the game down and restarting and then just work for 3 or 4 hours and not happen again.

Firmwares are all up to date, I uninstalled drivers and installed version 456 but no change.

Getting boring now as can get into a race then it just happens.


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    there is one scenario when it may happen.

    it's when ffb effects not disabled after loosing a connection between game.

    you could also look if shaft is in his place and if cables are correctly in they sockets as well. it not hurts check those out.

    i not sure if its hardware self because i'm assuming then it would start todo forever spin if that sensor would be broken.

    game can't disable self the effects if connection between game and hardware would be broken, so that issue comes from fanatec


  • this is a long standing bug in ACC they patched it several times but it appears in different scenarios still.

  • Dennis Marinos

    like user tell he never saw this with his CSL Clubsport V2.5

    also i never saw this with my trustmaster

    so it is little bit todo with firmware/software/drivers as well

  • So been on shift work so first time trying since first post, I rolled back to driver 451 as it's said that was stable.

    So tonight was my first quick go, Got 2 laps into Spa and it went again.

    I've got it plugged into a USBC socked on my ASUS motherboard IO were the V2.5 was USB, So as Allan says I'll give it a swap to bog standard USB later and see how that go's.

    Will keep informed, Cheers.

  • Small update, I changed the USBC cable that was plugged into the USBC socket on the IO for a standard USB to USBC cable and used a normal 3.2 Gen socket and it's been fine.

    Don't know if it was the cable or the socket on the IO or base, But not gonna go swapping around just to find out as it's working and that's enough for me.

    So thankyou for the ideas and support.

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