Stock issues?

What is going on with the 5nm base CSL? It's been "out of stock" for ages now, and I've noticed other stuff gradually being put on that list.


  • it could be that they run out 5nm power supply's, honestly tell 5nm is kind off weak anyway and not really recommend for grown ups

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    "Not really recommended for grown ups".

    Cheers for that rather childish and useless/elitist bullshit remark there, but that's not really the issue at hand, is it? 5nm is plenty for someone coming off the back of something like a G29. BTW, the point is that the 8nm booster pack is a straight up scam. It's an extortion to be paying anything over what a conventional 180w psu would cost, which is not a lot. When I want 8nm, I'll be grabbing one from another source without paying through the arse for it as we're being made to do with the current available bundles.


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    g29 with his 2,1nm is a kids toy

    at 8nm it start go closer to the real cars ( far away from indycar and formel 1) as they are over 20 nm

    5nm stays between that, its ok but same time it still feels little weak

    when i set my csl dd base to the 2.1nm in fanatec menu, i can steer the steering wheel with one middle finger. its like ffb almost not exist

    maybe you angry for power-supply price but if you look example moza, you need buy full new base if you want make jump like this what cost even more than this stupid power supply

    best solution would be, buy yourself the DD2 and make in menu that nm force what you like. you not need buy another base really after that

  • if talk about stock issues then maybe look this video. even tho some say its a click bait, some stuff seems kind off true about this

  • Kireth has been click baiting Fanatec news for months, And if Corsair pulled out and Thrustmaster bought Fanatec it would be all down to Kireth and his exclusive inside information.

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