CS DD(+) versions

Are there plans to make a CS DD or CS DD+ with only PC support? It is a bit strange to pay for Xbox and/or Playstation support when a lot of people will never race on a console. It is something that stops me from considering one of these bases, though I am interested. It's not just the money, I just don't like paying a premium for useless things. It seems logical to me that there will be a PC-only version, unless Fanatec decided to really focus solely on consoles, but that is just my (flawed) logic. ;-)


  • CS DD is only PC compatible.

  • Don CollinsDon Collins Member
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    As Raymond said, the CS DD is only pc compatible. It will never have PS compatibility, and only becomes Xbox compatible if you combine it with an Xbox compatible wheel. The CS DD at 800 is as cheap as you are ever going to get it, barring possible sales.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    frits meij

    Moza most hardware is for PC only so you not need pay extra what you not need

    also Moza seems do already also flight simulator stuff. so they defiantly know where money income comes and what and where players are playing

  • @ Allan

    The CS DD is pc only; you have to have a wheel (whether the wheel is Xbox compatible or not is up to the user).

    He's not paying for anything extra with a CS DD. To the contraire, he's gaining the ability of having full force.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    Don Collins

    that huge magnets cap feeling pisses me off at fanatec hardware. it not allow me focus in games properly

    they added at CS DD the magnets closer yes. but they not fixed cap between coil self, basically same hardware like csl dd but stronger force

    so i'm not mega exited about those CS DD(+) hardware plus they also have allot firmware issues . they promo at they webpage that all pedals work but there is complains that not all actually work with this hardware . and its like almost half year now since launch day

    so its up to players if 200 euro extra is forth that full Force self compared Moza r12

    keep in mind all old titles does not support that Full Force. only modern games may todo that

    in CS DD(+) that extra latency comes from chip self. but Moza does have also kind off fast ship at hardware, at least they tell this in they webpage and not hide that info

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    there is one idea where theoretically its possible lower magnets feeling, by full calibration the hardware and use that data mixed with ffb self

    but fanatec probaply tell, maybe in future and not any time soon

    i not know how Asetek made they hardware but some say there is no magnets feeling at that hardware

  • the 12Nm version is PC , yeah i get it they should have made the 15Nm one available without PS5 compat and charged less maybe they will later....

    I have a CS dd+ and can confirm my CS pedals, the fanatec shifter and fanatec Handbrake all work fine.

  • i think issue was with CSL Pedals what not work with that

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