CSL DD (5NM) FFB Issue with iRacing

When using the recommend FFB settings suggested by Fanatec, I was racing the F4 and GT3 Porsche in iRacing (the main sim I use). When going around the T2 (right hander at Daytona after T1) in the GT3, it feels like that the wheel jerks back but the feedback feels more like when I go over a sausage kerb, except there is no sausage kerb. It feels/sounds like a spring getting strummed with the equivalent FFB. It was more pronounced in the F4 at Montreal. It was doing it through most corners.

Even through there is no audible sound outside of the base, with my headset off, it is felt through the wheel. I've watched the FFB bar in iRacing and watched for clipping but none was occurring. Matter of fact, it barely made 25% of the bar when this occurred.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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