XBOX SX: CSL DD McLaren GT3 V2 not all buttons are working

Hello everyone, I am really happy with my new setup, but unfortunately I have some issues.

on the right side, there is the button mapping

  1. Everything is up to date, I did all updates of the firmware
  2. Playing on XBOX SX, the button "RSB" (Button 6) is the same as shifting up Button (Button 16)
  3. Same applies to the other side, LSB (Button 1) is the same as shifting down (Button 15)
  4. I am not able to do another mapping in Assetto Corsa Competizione
  5. The buttons 11, 13, 19 and 20 are not working although I set them up as constant or pulse. I am not able to do a mapping in ACC for example TC or ABS.

Could someone help please, because I just can use half of the existing buttons.

Many thanks in advance!


  • Welcome to the world of XBOX. This is how it is until the game manufacturers included the updated SDK, and Fanatec update their firmware.

    Read the hundreds of posts on here since forever about it

  • Thansk for the information, thats very sad. I hope they are going to fix it soon :(

  • Hate to break it to you but it most likely isn’t coming anytime soon. Forza, which came out in October of 2023 was developed with the sdk and it STILL is not implemented in Fanatec firmware. There have been multiple firmware updates since then and they still choose not to implement it. I have been asking for 3 years myself and people have been asking years before me. Very upsetting spending all this money on a promise that you will eventually be able to get full functionality out of the product.

  • That is really sad :(

    But nevertheless, I am still very happy with the Wheelbase and the steering wheel, although you are right: you don't get what is promised and that really sucks.

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