Fanatec DD+ update or not?


I bought the DD+ this May, and when I get my rig this weekend I'm going to plug it up. Mainly for GT7, but also for PC games like ACC and possibly iRacing.

My question is: I've read a lot about the problems with the beta driver 457, so obviously I will not install that. Do I need to connect it to a PC before using it on PS5 at all? If I need to, I guess I should be using 455 (which is the driver that's linked from the top of the Fanatec website anyways). Should I update pedals/wheel/qr from the 455 driver or not?

Sorry if I'm asking silly questions here, I just don't want to end up installing something that's hard to come back from, seeing the issues people have currently with drivers and firmware for the newer bases (CS DD and DD+)



  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    If you pedals work. You probably should not update those just in case.

  • Logan RossLogan Ross Member
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    Been running the DD+ with 8 different wheels for a while now and no issues. Driver 457. I upgraded from the DD2. Iracing, and EA rally mostly, plus Fora Horizon and Beam NG.

  • Connected my wheel for the first time today. Powered on, it did the calibration thing and I was able to cycle it though the differet compability modes. Connected it to PC via USB and installed driver 455 from main page. The wheelbase, wheel and pedals (elite v2) showed up inside the driver, but the wheel was on firmware Thought it looked weird, so went to "firmware update". It said the wheel was up to date, and no options for update was available. After exiting Firmware Update window, the wheel was suddenly removed from the list on the left. Clicked around a little bit, but then the wheelbase itself was removed too, and the LED on the power button doesn't light anymore. it's become unresponsive, and the Fanatec 455 Driver now doesn't see any of the gear as connected.

    The wheelbase still seems to give power to the wheel, as the wheel LCD screen shows the fanatec logo, and the led's are lit. Wheelbase completely unresponsive though, and it doesn't show up inside the Fanatec driver. Tried holding the power button for 10-15 seconds, but nothing happens. Tried unplugging/connecting everything but nothing happens. The power supply is powered and shows the green light. Only original cables are used, and are connected directly without hubs or extensions.

    Had to open a support ticket for this. Quite a bad start for me 15 minutes into owning the Fanatec ecosystem lol..

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    they DD/DD+ issues been from beginning and you are not the first one who happened this

    odd is tho that not everyone happened this fast what you tell. maybe this 455 causing that

    they added this to the 455


    Added automatic check for new Firmware versions for the CS DD(+) and the USB Adapter.


    that can cause issues depends how they made this

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