Podium dd1 wqr issue question about what wheels or hubs work with the issue

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main question before my story

Does anyone have a confirmed list of wheels and or hubs that work with a podium dd1 base that has the wqr issue that will not accept podium hubs. I have tried brand new podium hub and a universal hub xbox v1. I can confirm both of those do not work. they do not register on the base or the pc software. The f1 wheel it came with works absolutely fine.

I have a podium dd1 f1 ps4 base with the f1 wheel in Canada. I purchased this second hand and only after buying a podium hub did I realize I have the wqr issue. I have done a ton of research and know I need to send my unit back for repair. Here is my problem. It works absolutely fine with my f1 2.5 wheel it came with. Also works with my p1 wheel from csl elite but its low torque. I would like to use a high torque round wheel as well with my base. Basically after I roughly did the math on shipping there and back , duty, repair cost I do not think this will be worth it just to use another wheel when my f1 wheel works fine. In the end I feel like if I can find a round wheel that will work with the base as it is then I will do that. In case anyone asks I have started a support ticket just to see what they say but have not heard back yet.

Thanks Adam


  • Some steering wheels have the limited tourqe what you cant change

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