Housekeeping Update 3

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We’d like to share some further updates and improvements at Fanatec. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we appreciate your continued patience during this time.

  • On Monday, we notified the District Court in Munich of a restructuring project in line with the German Act on the Stabilization and Restructuring Framework for Companies (StaRUG), as described in the statement published here: We wish to emphasise that entering the StaRUG process was our last resort to avoid bankruptcy, after all other options were rejected by the lending banks.
  • Exclusive negotiations with strategic investor CORSAIR® was described in this update: We want to assure you that decisions are being made with the best interests of the Fanatec customer in mind, ensuring long-term stability for the company. Due to the ongoing discussions, we cannot provide further details right now; there are currently no changes to daily operations, and work continues as normal.
  • We are aware of the backlog in our tech support queue which has occurred due to the large number of backorders that recently shipped to customers who are now setting up their products. From experience, we know that over 50% of support questions we receive are answered by our FAQs, chatbot, and quick guides and manuals, so we encourage you to check these resources. We are making great progress with onboarding our new customer service partner, which will improve our scalability to handle these situations of increased short-term demand.
  • In the US region, we are now ‘overpacking’ shipments, meaning that orders containing multiple products are shipped in one box (when possible). This makes shipping more cost-effective and is also helpful for customs with shipments to Canada. This is a test phase that we want to roll out to all regions in future.
  • Processing for in-stock items is operating normally in US, AU, and JP, and the turnaround time for EU is improving each day - with the backlog in the EU warehouse more than halved since last week. This means that estimated shipping speed stated for each product on the site is realistic, and usually faster for regions outside EU. Thank you to everyone for your patience. We’re working hard to improve our services and we are making important strides to lower the backlog every day.



  • Do the share holders lose all their money?

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    Google what a StaRUG case means, then you have your answer (hint: yes).

  • so they have stolen Fanatec from Thomas and he has lost everything he built that is shit.

  • Money is a cutthroat business

  • Is that the reason behind the PayPal problems?

  • i think that is nothing todo with PayPal, if you been read this forum there was so many different things happening since black friday. what may had some negative effect for the profit

  • I mean US warehouse either lacking or just picking randomly at who gets their orders. I’ve been reading on the forum of people getting their orders before me with the exact same items as me. Ordered May 28th and Processed the 29th, still nothing but handover to warehouse. Can’t track by order number or anytging :(

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    Brian Murzinski hard to comment this, US is kind off big country. 28 may by default for me means nothing because delivery self may take at-least one week or more plus they have this 4-7 day shipping thing aswell

    when i ordered last time from fanatec. it take two week for get my item

  • Chengzhe LiuChengzhe Liu Member
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    Brian Murzinski I'm in the same situation. Ordered on May 29th stuck on handover to warehouse and no tracking. I really doubt they ship it randomly.

  • Fuck Fanatec ,My order 1848794 on 25 Nov 2023 . Still haven't received anything , It's been 6 months , That's fucking ridiculous

  • You made so much money through the big BF scam and ended up going bankrupt. I really admire you.

  • The garbage company needs to close down quickly before it continues to ruin the entire sim racing community.

  • Everyone, wake up and don’t buy any products from fucknatec again. You may have paid like me, but you will never receive the product.

  • I have ordered a V2.5X Wheel on black friday (25th November) and still haven't received it. It's been 6 Months now and it is absolutely ridiculous that you guys don't answer to my e-mails and my messages on Instagram. My Order Number is 1844082.

  • I sent my DD+ to the workshop for a repair over a month ago, it still hasn't been returned, even if you told me that for you it has no defects. Please send it back to me.

  • I am still waiting on my order to be processed in the US. What is taking so long?

  • I am waiting for any feedback from customer support regarding wheel which cannot get firmware upgrade.

    This company is a joke. Does anyone knows how to get help from them?

  • Can we please get support for sliced payments in EU region. Something like In3 or karna slice. In the US region there is already support for this with Paypal. Would like to get an alternative for EU region too.

  • Please check my JP order no 1823122 ,order date 23thNov2023 and 1823145,order date 23thNov2023. Order Processed cannot refund. And raise ticket few times also no response at home. So disappointed.

  • My order is from 30 May 2024 I still haven't had a response yet.

    What exactly is going on.

  • Shipping items that are in stock first, and packaging all items from one order into a single parcel for shipment, are the most basic e-commerce fulfillment methods today. They satisfy customers and reduce costs, and reduce support workload.

    I don't know why it took Fanatec so long to make some progress in their order fulfillment process, but it seems things are getting better.

  • @robert johnston

    Regarding your sencond post here. That's exactly how it looks like to me, unfortunately.

  • I've order today ClubSport Bundle + Pedals to Poland.

    I hope for waiting not more than 2 weeks for delivery. Is it too much optymistic?

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    Ordered everything on Friday June 28th at 5pm, including the 25% voucher (I’m one of the let down on BF)

    new order :

    • Csl DD 8nm
    • Formula V2.5x with QR lite
    • csl pedals

    handover to warehouse on Monday, label created on Monday, shipped on Tuesday, received at home on Wednesday.I live in the south of France

    nice 😊

  • I have ordered mine on June 21 hand hasn't changed from handed over to warehouse. Im hope it does not take to much time to be shipped.

  • I ordered in stock items on June 4th, been sitting at handed over to warehouse since June 7th in Canada. No response from anyone or any updates. I am doubting I'll receive anything at this point.

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