Housekeeping Update 2

Belma NadarevicBelma Nadarevic Member, Administrator

Hi everyone! I would like to provide some additional insights in this week’s update personally. You can expect regular housekeeping posts on this blog where we would like to explain the progress within our Customer Care and Logistics units. 

Firstly, following the challenges encountered during Black Friday with overselling and synchronisation errors, I’m happy to report that all but a handful of backorders for our Formula V2.5 and V2.5 X wheels have been fulfilled, and they're now back in stock across the US, EU, and Australia.  

The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base has now launched in Japan, and the ClubSport Racing Wheel F1® will follow soon. We thank our Japanese customers for their patience! 

Next up, we've taken the important step of switching our carrier partner to FedEx for shipments to Canada. And our Canadian customers are already feeling the difference with faster processing and delivery times! 

In Europe, I can confirm that we have already lowered the turnaround time for order shipments. We expect this positive trend to continue, reaching better-than-average turnaround time by next week, thanks to the warehouse operating during the public holiday in Germany tomorrow. 

Lastly, we've started a new partnership with an external company to overhaul our customer service processes and improve our response times. They're already diving in and making a difference. Due to the size of our ecosystem and scaling to meet the demands of an international customer base, the onboarding takes time, but I’m confident that you will notice the improvements over the next weeks. 

We are pushing every day to give our customers the best experience. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Belma Nadarevic, CMO at Fanatec 



  • Logan RossLogan Ross Member

    Sounds like great progress!

  • This is great, I've got a big order hopfully on its way that has been processing for a week now. (Not uncluding weekends).

    And if anyone could tell me If the Fanatec GT DD PRO is suppost to look like products in my order (GT DD PRO / Boost Kit 2NM)

  • Nuno VidalNuno Vidal Member

    Looks like I'm part of the last batch group of those who didn't receive their 2023 Black Friday order.

    Order # 1848xxx from: 25 Nov 2023 13:41:00

    Order includes:

    • Podium Wheel Base DD1 QR2
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 V2
    • CSL Elite Pedals V2
    • QR1 Wheel-Side
    • QR2 Wheel-Side

    Order stuck with status "Handover to warehouse" since ever...

    When Fanatec, when can I expect some news?

  • Robbie YearlRobbie Yearl Member
    edited May 1

    Whilst it is appreciated to receive housekeeping updates such as this what would be helpful is to manage expectation thus leading to less customer service enquiries. If you are unable to get products out the door within 4-7 days don't suggest such and be honest.

    I ordered a PSU and Load Cell on 20th April and whilst it has been 11 days and I have no shipping number I will try to remain patient. However, if Fanatec just said from the off it takes 14 days to ship then that would be my expectation.

    You make fantastic products, not delivering in a timely manner or having some faults here and there isn't the problem its the promise on delivering often knowing you are unable to.

    Under promise and over deliver!!

  • Love my Fanatec gear, and everything has always shipped fast. But I have 3 dead CSL pedals and over 2 weeks without any tech support response after the automated ticket acknowledgment. I pray this improves.

  • Hello, it's good to correct your mistakes, but when you claim to be a market leader and sell products at that price, the minimum is to have impeccable customer service. Your most valuable assets are only your customers. If I can suggest 2 or 3 things to you: Be honest with your customers about delivery times, provide personalized responses to all your customers. Best regards

  • `I’m happy to report that all but a handful of backorders for our Formula V2.5 and V2.5 X wheels have been fulfilled`

    this is not true, I'm still waiting my V2.5x... 5 months already...

  • Thomas CardnoThomas Cardno Member
    edited May 2

    Still waiting for an update on my order 1955789.

    I received an email saying it had been dispatched to UPS, this was 3 days ago now, however it still says 'Handover to Warehouse' in my Fanatec account and on UPS site says they haven't received the package yet. I realize your back logged but just some clarity on my order would be appreciated, i have sent plenty of messages trying to get some help. Please respond.

  • @ Thomas Cardno

    I can confirm my order is in the hands of UPS. The transfer from warehouse to UPS actually collecting took a week in my case. hang in a bit longer and ignore the handover to warehouse. Mine still says that although UPS have my three parcels and can track and see it's definitely moving

  • Thank you Roy!

  • @ Thomas

    They will respond to you, when they get to you. Sending numerous messages is part of the problem; all you do is clog up the pipeline for those after you. Looking for a personal response on here, not going to happen.

  • @ Ka

    You have no idea whether that's true or not. You very well may be included in that "handful of orders".

  • @ Don

    I got a response thanks Don.......I highly doubt my 3 messages is part of the problem/issue here either, but were all entitled to our opinions. Thanks for your helpful input.

  • @ Thomas

    You're right. If it was just you and three emails, it wouldn't even be a bump in the road. But it's not just you, but also many others with three or more emails, that contribute to the delay in response. It's pointless to send additional emails if you have received an automated response that your first email was received. Each and every email is processed in the order it was received, irregardless of whether the first email was answered or taken care of. This deluge of extra emails has set Fanatec's response time back considerably.

  • jianbo wujianbo wu Member

    Please change your shopping cart settings as soon as possible. If the qr1 quick release is always out of stock, I have not been able to place an order in the store because it will show that there is an item out of stock and I cannot proceed to the next step. Your ready2race's xbox support devices are all configured with the qr1 series quick release by default. If you are not selling the qr1 series, please upgrade your cls dd series base to the qr2 series quick release base, otherwise I can't place an order because I did not choose to buy a more expensive quick release. This is obviously unfair. Every steering wheel sold must come with at least a basic and usable quick release interface. By the way, this is in a Japanese store.

  • Ich warte jetzt seit 8 Wochen auf meine RMA zur Einsendung meiner defekten Pedale. 8 verdammte Wochen! Was ist los bei euch, das kann nicht wahr sein, das ist durch nichts in der Welt zu entschuldigen. Warum macht ihr das mit uns?

  • So I am on of those 'handfull' of people still waiting for my Black Friday Formula V2.5 X wheel 😓

  • Can’t believe, after sending my bricked DD+ to repair center (Australia), the repair technician reset my DD+ to DD! It can only detect PC/Xbox mode now! So disappointed about Fanatec!!

  •  Seriously! "we have already lowered the turnaround time for order shipments. We expect this positive trend to continue, reaching better-than-average turnaround time by next week".

    What's the average turnaround time? I placed my order on 20th April for two in stock items that said 4-7 days and still haven't received a tracking number.

  • @ Robbie

    Doesn't mean that it hasn't shipped though. Now mind you, not saying that it has.

  • @Don Collins

    correct it could have shipped but there is not shipping number and nothing from UPS and cant track using ref number (checking as need to pay the customs charge) so my guess is it hasn't.

  • @ Robbie

    If I got that right, you have to pay a customs charge, just to use your order number as a reference number. If so, that totally sucks. I live in the U.S. and if they tried to drop a vat tax here, you'd see me out protesting for the first time.

    The older I get, the more I hate taxes. People want to call Fanatec thieves, but the government is the biggest thief you will ever meet. From skimming it into their pockets, to paying for stuff I don't approve of, the list goes on and on. And don't get me started on those who just want to sit on their ass, while I provide their food, housing, and health care.

    Anyway, rant over.

    Good luck

  • grimogrimo Member

    Hi fanatec. Just wondering why you are telling people on your website that its 5-7 days delivery time when that's completely false? Stop taking orders if you cannot facilitate them. you are hurting your brand more than anything.

    my order 1963548 is awaiting a tracking number.

    and my order 1961864 was no even being processed because one out of three of the items in the order are on pre order. I have cancelled this and asked for a refund with no response...

    You are ruining the reputation of fanatec. just be honest if you cannot fullfill orders in time!!!

  • @ Robbie

    By the way. Fanatec probably won't give you a tracking number. My last three orders didn't ever get one; had to use the order number as a reference number with FedEx.

  • What does the return process look like in Australia? I have lodged a support request and yet to receive a response regarding the faulty brake pedal on my newly received Clubsport V3's. After reading about time frames for the return process, I'm considering just buying them again and getting a refund on the faulty pedals once they are returned to avoid any potential down time. Is this a wise move, I'm assuming it would take considerable time to have the issue resolved via the standard process

  • Sander DSander D Member

    The Fanatec/Endor stock plummeted 46% today. What's happening

  • @sander D There's obviously low confidence from the market at the moment although the market price has continued to fall since 2021 and has tanked over the last few years. The products are good and I suspect the failure rate per unit produced is very low. Its statements like the one above, putting a positive spin on things when people are out of pocket, that hurts the brand. Instead Fanatec just need to be open, even if they said 'we cant get products out the door, allow 3 months' they would still have a good sales count, they just wont be close to being the market leader. The real issue is there are competitors out there with equal and in some cases better products with much better distribution channels.

    Genuinely I hope they recover as its a solid product range and the support for consoles is great. But I feel they have been too complacent for too long and the nasty nature of business is going to bite hard.

    Fanatec could focus purely on manufacturing and improve their distribution channels globally which would help sales massively, but this would likely either effect their margins or price them out of competition. Its bleak and if they haven't been able to halt a 3 year free fall will they ever?

  • So wie ich das sehe, läuft es da weiterhin alles andere als strukturiert. In der heutigen Zeit so lange auf seine Produkte warten zu müssen, geht gar nicht, es weiterhin nicht behoben zu haben dagegen ein No Go.

    Habe am 23.04 bestellt, alles laut Shop auf Lager, am nächsten Tag die Email, dass es für den Versand vorbereitet wird und bis zum heutigen Tag weder ne Tracking Nummer noch die Ware erhalten. Dazu werden einem im Shop Rabatte nicht nur angezeigt, sondern vorgeschlagen, die man dann in der Endabrechnung nicht einmal bekommt. So geht man definitiv nicht mit seinen treuen Kunden um und landet irgendwann wirklich in der Insolvenz

  • Just check the video from ERMZ...

    " "

  • Andrej HumarAndrej Humar Member
    edited May 4

    Belma Nadarevic, CMO at Fanatec .... Any comments? Just to know for who you work. Major shareholder who gave you work? Or "The New Board" who is trying to sell for free the company. And discredit all the shareholder of Endor AG.

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