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  • In recent weeks, we received anticipated cargo shipments in the EU that have enabled us to process a considerable number of outstanding orders. While we are delighted to be able to fulfill these orders, this has led to a temporary increase in our warehouse backlog, as orders are processed according to the 'first in, first out' principle. We are happy to say that the overall trend is positive, and we currently expect our turnaround time to return to normal within the next 7-10 business days. Please monitor your inbox for updates on tracking information.

  • We would like to remind you that orders containing any item marked 'open for pre-orders' will be on hold until that item is available again. For example, if your steering wheel ships with a separately-packaged quick release and this is on pre-order, your wheel will not ship until the quick release is available. This only applies to the availability status at the time you place the order - the product availability status on each page is 'live' so you should not be concerned if this changes after your order was placed.

  • Some of you are asking about warranties starting too early. This is due to the warranty being triggered when the invoice is created, and if there is a longer processing/shipping time, this can seem unfair. But you don't have to worry - the team can see when your product was shipped and therefore can calculate the correct warranty timing.


  • Good evening, I understand your situation but I think it is correct to respond to the emails that your customers write, especially if they do not concern shipping delays. For example, I wrote 2 times and you never replied to me. Good work

  • The customer service needs a huge overall and as soon as realistically possible. But still a positive statement.

  • Can somebody please help me with an update of an order I placed in November that still hasn't shipped? Customer service isn't responding to my emails other than one time in February when they said they would check with the warehouse and get back to me. I've heard nothing since. The parts are all showing as in stock in the USA store so I don't understand why I'm still waiting five months later for it to ship.

  • Hello Dominic.

    Is there any possibility to see any CSL DD bundle with QR2 already mounted ( or even just a base with QR2 already mounted)? Without the post-apocalyptic QR1. Thank you.

  • That's actually good news.

    Someone add post here, small things are making life brighter for many people.

    I'm not waiting for order long, just ordered week ago, but for people who are waiting long, that king of message can be miracle!

  • And what about quick releases that just say "sold out"? How come there's no pre-order date on that yet?

    Fine if you're discontinuing the part, but I still ordered one on nov. 23rd and I think it's about time that order gets shipped.

    If you'd finally contact me about my order i'm willing to talk about it and be flexible about my choice for the QR1.

    I have until the 21st of may until the 180 day PayPal protection runs out and will definitely be safe about this, so hope to hear from you before that date. I really almost feel stupid that I didn't cancel the order yet at this point.....

  • `My order number 1953813 was placed on April 11th, I sent an email due to the delay and the response was that my order would be sent the week of April 22nd, but so far nothing, so see you by the weekend If I don't get a response regarding the delivery, I will be contacting the lawyer, the European Consumer Commission and I will open a huge lawsuit against Fanatec, because if you don't have the product to sell, don't sell it and I advise everyone to do the same.

  • Did you check ups by reference number?

    Go to

    Track by reference as reference paste your order number:

    Then country and post code

    I see that you gonna have some package 25 April, if that's you

  • Hello, I have the same problem for have a news for my order. I ordered a available bundle shipped to 4-7 days, my order number is 1955957.

    I written an e-mail but I don't have any news.

    Do you have some news please?


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    I have ordered products with 4-7 days, here I am with no reply from fanatec nor any updates, actually there was something mentioned about 4-7 days delays then removed and now it’s again

    18 Apr 2024 17:59:00

    Order number:


  • I did a pre order on march 11th and suppose to be shipped on march 28th, then they delay to april 12th, and on april 10th they delayed again to may 25th. I decided to cancel that order because im seeing that something went wrong with their data. And i decided to do a new order on april 14th because they said me 4 to 7 days. And now you are telling me that first will get first. So before you dont give a shit about my order and people were getting before me and now that i decided to do a new order you remember first get it first. This order is going to far.... you really need to start working better because your warehouse and sales services are worse then ever. God damn 1 month and half to get a gt dd extreme. Im losing a bunch of competitions because of your horrible services.

  • They always say the first will be the first. But reading here, a slight suspicion arises that the slogan is not entirely true.

  • how fast fanatec answer order cancel?

  • So many days in status HANDOVER TO WAREHOUSE, order 1952882, April 10th.

    Automatic email answers doesn't help.

    1350€ order is almost my monthly salary, not a joke.

    When will you send?

  • i cancelled on april 10th and received the money on my bank account on april 14th. when i got the money back i did a new order again and the day after i received the invoice, since then my order got stuck on the warehouse.

    Can you imagine how i feel? since march 11th waiting for it, and still waiting.


  • Hello, same problem for me, order number is 1954718

    I ordered on April 13th all available items shipped to 4-7 days

    Last week i received a mail that my order would be sent the week of April 22nd, but so far nothing

    Still waiting an update with tracking number

    It´s terrible because that is the second time that this happens to me , i was a victim of the black friday issue.......

    regards and hope to receive order soon

  • I'm thinking that your package is on the way. - Check ups (track by reference number [order number])

  • Also people on reddit:

    We're updating to see what is the real response from FANATEC - so we created ship for europe is like 15 - 20 days

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    I tested before write , and sadly nothing appears on UPS if i put the country destination and postal code

    Without country and postal code it appears some information, but i´m not able to see the tracking details, it´s strange, because no mail with tracking received yet from Fanatec

    So i hope thats real because if its like this, i will receive today

    I will update if it´s a correct way to achieve information about the status of the order

    So may thanks for the help

  • On reddit we can see that most products are shipped after 10 - 13 Business day. So it depends what you order.

    If this is CSL DD pro - then you need to wait longer time. I know that people, are waiting more then a month for that.

    If you ordered CSL DD bundle for. example with Mclaren - it should come around 2 -3 weeks.

    I made decision to order that after reserching in the internet.

    You know, I said let's give them a chance. I returned product from the another company, to buy this. :-)

    Let's give it a chance

  • Does some of you noticed some updates in their purchase including a QR1 ?

    I wonder if the April 26 deadline will be respected.

  • I am still waiting for my Black Friday order 18422XX. is there anybody who can help me?

    Unfortunately Fanatec doesn't reply to any emails or mesages.

    Please just tell me what is going on!!!

  • Is there an administrator member who can answer any questions about our order tracking please?

    Is there an administrator member who can answer any questions about our order tracking please?

    EVERY ONE HAS TO PAY !!!!!!!!

  • I don’t think anyone is going to reply to any of these claims

  • Pay no attention to the warranty date, 'we' (you) know what that date actually is. How about fix it so that WE know that date is?

  • That's awesome *cough*... Now if you DID send all packages AND avoid sending used products, that would be even better...

  • Fucking liar ,My order 1848794 on 25 Nov 2023 . Still haven't received anything , It's been 6 months , That's fucking ridiculous

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    I received an email today saying order is shipped so there is a hope guys

    Estimated deliveryMonday, April 29 by End of Day

  • @ Chen

    It's been five. Learn to count.

  • Hello Guys,

    I checked on, "track by reference number", I pasted my order number ( Fanatec order ) in "shipment reference" , selected my country and postal code and i can see : friday 26 th April by End of the day.

    I don't known if this technical if true....?

    Anyone have this tracking experience ?



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