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On April 15th, the Supervisory Board of Endor AG appointed Andres Ruff as the company’s new chairman and CEO. Andres has extensive experience as well as a valuable network in the area of transformation and restructuring of medium-sized companies.

Andres Ruff said:

“Hello, Fanatec fans! I am thrilled to join Fanatec and work with this passionate team. Right now, my priority is to tackle delivery issues arising from overwhelming demand. Rest assured, we are diligently working to return to optimal operations. Once resolved, we'll refocus our energy on crafting remarkable sim racing hardware.”

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Thomas Jackermeier, who founded the company and created many groundbreaking products with a lasting impact on the entire industry. His vision and innovative ideas were instrumental in shaping Fanatec into what it is today.

And we want to thank you, the sim racing community, for your patience. Your enthusiasm for Fanatec fuels our drive to keep pushing. Here's to an exciting chapter ahead, stay tuned!


  • How about the help of people that having problems with a 8 month defective cld dd with a bmw steering wheel? Hopefully the support on this matter will improve soon and not only adress the shipping issues

  • Hello everyone,

    Despite knowing the logistical difficulties mentioned on the forum and social networks, I ordered a GT DD Extreme and pedals at the end of February. Delivery was made in less than a week to France. I take great pleasure in using this equipment and am waiting for the 457 driver version to correct the few display problems on the steering wheel.

    I have confidence in the capabilities of Fanatec, a benchmark brand in the simracing market, to find suitable logistics solutions and put customer satisfaction at the heart of the company's strategy. Turnover, margin, profitability will follow to the delight of shareholders, bankers and of course simracers!

    Sorry for my imperfect English, JLVmax.

  • Hello everyone 

    Apart from the delivery problem, the major concern raised by most customers is the lack of reaction to problems which leads to rma .

    Personally, I've always dreamed of having a Fanatec ecosystem and I ordered an extreme DD+ as soon as it came out.

    I've had no problems with delivery (to my home in 6 days).

    On the other hand, my first rma took 5 weeks and unfortunately arrived in worse condition than when it left, since it doesn't work at all. 

    And here I am, almost 1 month into this. 

    Imagine the overall disappointment and lack of consideration. 

    And also the fear created among new customers who see the problems of others and no longer order from Fanatec. 

    So delivery concerns are of course of paramount importance, but customer satisfaction after their purchase remains paramount for the image, durability, trust and loyalty of (future) customers. 

  • Hope he have longer career at Endor than had at Tönnies meat business.

  • Fuck Fanatec ,My order 1848794 on 25 Nov 2023 . Still haven't received anything , It's been 6 months , That's fucking ridiculous

    When my base breaks I will switch to another brand ,I wish you will lose all your customers and go bankrupt soon.

  • @ Chen

    You're not very good with time, are you. It hasn't even been five months, at least be accurate.

    I as well as others still have equipment under warranty, so Fanatec can stay around and continue.

    Just cancel your order and move on.

  • All best you could say about Andres are re-orgs? Never fun for anyone.

    I would imagine whoever still works for fanatec should be not that even not proud but maybe even be afraid to tell they work for fanatec. I would feel miserable and hide from sim community.

    And now you tell re-orgs are coming. You are not treating well customers neither your employees.

  • Andres good luck in your new role.

    Does this mean i can finally get my black friday 2023 order or some incline in to when i can look to recieve it.

    i have recieved a csl dd base and nothing else to go with it when i ordered a full set up over 5 months ago.

    Order numbers 1821279 and 1904863

  • Andrej HumarAndrej Humar Member
    edited April 22

    Hello Dominic.

    Is there any possibility to see any CSL DD bundle with QR2 already mounted ( or even just a base with QR2 already mounted)? Without the post-apocalyptic QR1. Thank you.

  • @ tiku taku: Let me say 1st that I am pissed off beyond descrfiption at Fanatec right now because of total lack of timely support for a GT DD Pro wheel disconnection issue and have been mad at them previously for unacceptable delivery times and practices, so I have no love at all for Fanatec at this time. However, I must point out what I see to be an unfair and sensational comment re: Mr. Ruff. I clicked on your link and read past the Headline of the news brief, "Andres Ruff fired from..." to find that he wasn't in fact fired, rather his contract was not renewed. a small but not insignificant difference, and further that his leaving was the result of a family fight between the co-owners Robert Tommies and his uncle, Clemmon, and even further, that Mr. Ruff was apparently commended for his work involving animal welfare (meat packing industry), better working conditions and business development between German and Chinese interests. As I read it the very short news brief, the worst you could accuse the man of doing was spending/investing money. We all know all to well how lacking Fanatec's Customer Service has been. I actually came away from that link with a faint; very faint hope that the new CEO spends some serious dough into that 1 department. More than anything else, that's what is needed stat if Fanatec is going survive the summer. I could be way off here. I sure as hell hope not though.

  • These CRO managers are typically IMPOSED, to restructure companies in crisis, to avoid bankruptcy. In the case of Fanatec, the banks mandated that they hire a CRO.

    No one likes having a stranger in charge of their company. Their contract is unlikely to be renewed. If they have done their job well, the owners take back the restructured company. They didn't do the job well, the company no longer exists.

  • I am still waiting for my Balck Friday order! Order 184229X!

  • As much as I'm worried about the future of FANATEC. I'm not sorry that I bought into there eco system. I race manly on PS5 and Xbox series X. There is no other company right now that you can do both systems on one wheel base. We need for FANATEC to survive if for no more than to make other company's do the same with there wheel base systems. I have spent $2,000 plus in the last 2 months and I'm not sorry at all. I can now race on both my PS5 and Xbox series X with one wheel base system. I hope that FANATEC get's everything worked out. That people do get what they ordered in a timely manner and that the future of sim racing stay's around for another 30 plus years.

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