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Dear community,

We have some news about our US warehouse that we would like to share with you.

After many years of shipping out orders from California across the North American region, we are currently relocating our logistics center to Texas. As we are still working with the same partner, we expect service disruptions to be kept to a minimum - in fact many of you who received orders these last weeks will not even have noticed the change. However, it's possible that the transfer of stock can lead to processing delays of some orders. We hope we can count on your understanding that this is only a temporary situation. The move should be completed by the end of February.

Please note orders held back by stock issues - as we are having with the QR1 Lite, for example - are not related to any relocation delays.

Within the context of this relocation, we also have new receiving addresses for returns or repair services. If you need support in either of these areas, please refer to the instructions provided to you by a Fanatec team member.

Thank you!



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    @James I am trying to make an order but my 25% off voucher is not working. No reply from support so can you help?

    Thank you

  • I have a QR1 lite unopened still boxed . You want to buy it back off me people at fanatec as it’s useless to me.

  • So this is made public after all the BS that happened during black friday which some people still havent gotten their orders. I ordered something as well and yet no tracking information and no update on Fed Ex, which i had to find on my own because of the incompetence. We can deal with the Bs, but hiding from customers who spent hundreds and/or thousands, mediocre information on the website. This company turned into a joke.

  • frankly. this is good news for all of america. if will works.

    it just seems to me that this is another way of procrastinating and constantly making excuses and asking people to be patient.

    how wonderful it is for those who rejected all this and switched to a better brand.

  • For those of you who have ordered in US before. It's the same company with a new name:

    I don't know if this is just another warehouse location of theirs or if California employees were affected. :(

  • It does not impact BF orders. I receiveed all my BF orders and they were all shipped from California.

  • Got a USPS label created fom Texas this morning....i can smell the DD+ :-)

  • I never said it did, just mentioning the whole fiasco with the Black Friday orders. Im really super happy for you, this whole mess just made me lose faith in this company. Literally my order still says label created. No update whatsoever, from FedEx and there's no point in trying to contact Fanatec. I paid for overnight shipping, i understand processes and issues, but they have to communicate that with their consumers. Customer Service is a Joke here. They have time to tweet and make all these announcements, but they cant reply to their customers directly. I mean we're paying thousands of dollars to these people, the least they could do is keep updating the people whose orders are behind, or actually update the tracking and/or website.

  • Im was definitely looking forward to playing but here i am still, waiting like an idiot. Big chunk of money down, but its alright. I started a claim with PP just in case. For sure not ordering from Fanatec ever again.

  • I should have been one of those, but unfortunately i was blinded by the hype, and here i am wanting to pull my hair out. This company is definitely going in a path i dont want to be around to see.

  • My understanding of this is basically just a big F U to anyone that ordered anything recently.

    Like "oh yeah we're transferring warehouse to another part of the country, oh you made an order? too bad. wait until we get out shii together, but we'll take your money though."

  • I hope you’re right because my BF 14 piece order including DD+ and F1 2023 wheel, my order was handed over warehouse on the 7th or 8th of February and I see nothing from fanatec, NXTPoint, Suddath, or Fed ex.

  • I ordered a GT DD Extreme last week as soon as it was showing available on US site - only status update was sent to warehouse. It's been 4 days since I placed my order and still no tracking info or shipment confirmation provided?????

  • As the blog entry stated, there are delays since they moved the warehouse. I ordered the Extreme in the US like you last Friday. I hope it won’t be delayed long. It showed “ready to ship.” If there were possible delays the company should have let us know when purchasing. Telling us now is like after the fact.

  • My order was turned over to warehouse on Jan 17, 2024 5:02:00 --- I've sent 3 emails and left a voicemail, I don't know what to do. They've charged my credit card. I wish they would atleast take 30 seconds to acknowledge my emails or voicemail to just let me know that my order is still in the queue.

  • I live in CA and, before the whole DD+ mess, I had gotten all my orders within 3 days. At this day and age, moving the warehouse to TX shouldn't make a big difference, and if that means better logistic handling, I'm all for it. No amount of complaining about the past will change what has happened, but making efforts to create better conditions for the future is really what we should all be looking for. After receiving notice that my DD+ in en route, I placed an order for a McLaren wheel and the next morning I got the sent-to-warehouse email. So maybe things are starting to smooth out...

  • Many of us got the e-mail that their order was sent to the warehouse, usually the next day after ordering. But now it becomes guesswork when a shipping label will be printed and the orders actually shipped. When things were smooth a year ago, there was no such delay.

  • Same happened to me, I mean, yes this may better things down the road but this should have been made public before. Everything said ready to ship, straight up lie. Took two days before mine was moved over to the warehouse, then no communication after that whatsoever, aside from a bot email confirming my order. I paid for overnight shipping, did not receive any info of tracking and/or any updates regarding my order. They have lost the touch people loved them for, then they fail to take accountability for the issues. Like mfs if you knew the licensing wasnt ready then why put the product up for preorder? It makes no sense whatsoever. Even from a business standpoint, then Thomas does an interview where he sounds like he doesnt give a F. They're quick to take our money, but not even trying to update their customers as to what is happening. They should just own up to their mistakes and address their customers, so they dont end up losing everyone...

  • I'm with you. I've said several times, and during my awful experience waiting for my DD+ like everyone else, that transparency and constant communication was warranted and expected, yet nowhere to be found with Fanatec, until the very last second, or past it. And the nonchalant attitude during interviews did not help with the public sentiment either. Things like websites crashing or not syncing, or BF sales records being broken during infrsatructure transitions, I can understand. The DD+ situation, let's just say has a different vibe to it, and ppl that were directly affected by it will not forget what happened, regardless of attempts to dismiss it as "someone else's fault".

  • I ordered on the 4th and still havent received a tracking number. Its absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  • This is un-f'ing-believable. First I get screwed by the lack of availability of the QR1 Lite. Finally get that refunded (no thanks to Fanatec, had to submit a chargeback with my CC company). Then, I place a separate order (paying more for the non-lite QR1). It was "handed to warehouse" last Friday and I haven't heard anything since. I guess this is why. Knowing how bad Fanatec is at logistics when conditions are optimal and they're not moving warehouses... I can only imagine what a clusterf* this is going to be.

  • James/Thomas

    First, thank you for the communication you've provided. I've avoided commenting as I am sympathetic to the challenges the company has faced regarding Black Friday and the DD+ release.

    My concern as a first time Fanatec buyer has shifted from "when will I get my order" to "will I ever actually get my order". When purchasing it was disclosed that the entire will ship when all items are in stock - this was acceptable at the time considering I had no prior experience with Fantatec and assumed the company's track record regarding product availability and order management would be similar to other companies of a similar size.

    I purchased, and now regret in hindsight, 10 products in a single order during Black Friday. It has since with the DD+ approval been moved to "handover to warehouse" and nothing on my order itself states it's waiting for availability. However, an item on the order is now listed out of stock and in pre-order until May on the website. My question is, what does the "handover to warehouse" status mean in relation to stock available for the items in my order? Is my order still susceptible to stock issues as displayed on the website or does the order being moved into this status mean stock has already been allocated and it's just waiting to be boxed and shipped?

    My fear is now that a single item in my order is "not in stock", the entire order won't ship until that item comes back in stock in May. During this delay, however, what is to stop another item in my order from running out of stock and my entire order continues to get held into perpetuity? The solution surely can't be "cancel the order, lose your discounts, and make 10 new singular orders", right? I would gladly take a product swap or go without that product specifically if the rest of my order could be dispatched immediately as to not be impacted by future availability concerns. 

    This issue only exists because of the combination of not shipping partial orders plus erratic availability of items. Having purchased goods withheld for an undefined period of time due to the way orders are managed is not a very comforting experience.

    For prospective customers, the existing forum members here are correct; always create separate orders for each product, albeit a massive pain, it's the only current way to insure you aren't affected by these issues.

  • If you are aware you oversold QR1-Lite and have orders being held back at the warehouse, why are you not in contact with the customers who ordered the product when it was still displayed in-stock on your website? I've placed an order on Jan 18th, everything was in stock, the order was handed over to the warehouse, I've been kept in the dark ever since, had to do my own research to find out the QR1 was now out of stock, I would gladly pay the extra to get a regular QR1 or even a QR2 if I had been contacted about YOUR problem, but instead I'm stuck sending you emails that get ignored for over 2 weeks, adding to your existing queue, your phone line is disabled, you don't answer social media direct messages or posts.

    Since orders can't be modified, I would gladly cancel my order and place another one, but I can't cancel my order without talking to someone in your company, but you are impossible to reach, you leave only one option to customers, file a dispute with their credit card, it makes you look foolish and adds unnecessary drama for the customer.

  • Chris, not speaking for Fanatec, James, or Thomas but in my black friday order I had the limited F1 wheel which sold out. I was waiting on the QR2 which was pushed back a couple of times along with the F1 wheel. Although the F1 wheel showed out of stock after and was removed for sales since it was a limited run I still got my order. The current stock status on the website product page is for new orders from my understanding. I would recommend you look at your order page under your Fanatec account and look at the item and see what the availability date is for the items within your order. Check each item to see if your availability date on your specific item in your order is still when you bought it since they were in stock at the time. If they are still the same I'm thinking you should be good still. If the dates within your order are pushed back then those are the actual availability dates and then you have an issue since they were in stock when you ordered.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Bruce,

    You may be right but in the case of the F1 wheel they did only have limited stock to sell after which they pulled it so it is different to other items still sold today. My entire order (14 items) is still "in process", with the only items ever showing a preorder date in my order being the DD+ and a QR2 WS. However I also ordered the V2.5X and was never told about any delays regarding it, so I've never been quite sure whether stock was set aside for me. I can now see that the shifter I ordered and the QR1s that were free with some of the items I ordered have preorder dates for new orders ranging from late Feb to early May (respectively). I had been keeping an eye on stock levels for everything and it was all available (bar the DD+) until right up to when the DD+ was finally available and yet there's been no movement on the order.

    What's to say that Fanatec wasn't receiving orders for these items individually and shipping them out? I have sent them a ticket to ask the question about why my order hasn't moved given that in theory all items have come into stock (for new sales) since I placed my order. And my idea of FIFO is that as items come in stock, that oldest orders are allocated stock (and shipped when the entire order is ready) as opposed to what they may be doing which is what is feared here, that they look at an entire order's stock availability holistically and only send the order to warehouse for stock picking and shipping when everything is available.

    Who really knows?

    Definitely not a stress-free purchasing experience, at least next time I want to order something I'll just try to put it out of my mind until it arrives, but it's a bit of a bummer right now when it's my initial setup and the entire summer school holidays have been and gone.

  • This is my guess as to what is happening with the warehouse situation.

    They're losing money, cutting down by moving to Texas. Now the orders that are made are being shipped from Texas but guess what. Those items you ordered are not even in Texas yet. This is a complete and utter scam what they're running here, so many people paid so much money, trusting them with thousands. They take the money, then with no explanation as to why they suddenly decide to tell us, "oh yeah btw our stock is still in California, but we're shipping from Texas now, so you have to wait until WE decide to ship to Texas to get your order"

    What a complete joke, so many excuses and no answers to the people that make them money. They're the only ones responsible for overselling, they're the only ones that decided to put a product up for pre order, giving a certain date out knowing damn well that Sony had not even been close to putting the licensing out. Now on top of that suddenly they're moving warehouses to a whole other State. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

  • Bart, did you see the availability date of the 2.5x you ordered in your account? Did that date listed pass or is it still in the future? That would hold up your entire purchase even though it makes no sense really. Are there any other products listed in your specific order have a availability date int the future?

    Fanatec says that they ship the items together and that's how they factor shipping costs, but they still send out most of the parts if not all in separate boxes and shipping labels.

    I went through something similar though I didn't order as much things as you did. I hope you get your items soon, but sometimes keeping track of things too tightly will drive you nuts especially when you don't have control or a way to help speed up the process.

  • Well tip #1 for the Texas warehouse. Learn how to ship orders in the order they were received. The DD+ shipments were sending out people with way higher order numbers than mine and others before ours left the warehouse by more than a day or 2. After the CEO clearly stated orders would ship in the order they came in but this clearly didn't happen. Just because they were sent to the warehouse in that order doesn't mean they actually shipped in that order.

  • Hi Bruce,

    This probably isn't the right thread for this discussion as I was only really chiming in with skepticism about Fanatec holding items aside in general. My order is in Australia. However, I have no listed availability date for the F1 V2.5X, as far as I'm aware it has always been available in Australia, and I was only ever waiting for the DD+ (Jan 17th availability date currently shown) and a QR2 WS (Jan 16th availability date currently shown). In terms of comms from Fanatec it was only ever about the DD+ availability.

    Certainly keeping track of things too tightly has done my head in, but at the same time there's a lot of shared misery on these forums so at least I don't feel alone, hehe. Likewise I hope everyone gets their gear soon.

  • Thank you Bruce.

    The items on my order have no listed availability dates on any product - which makes me hopeful that what you experienced is what will be the case for my order. My order is in "Handover to Warehouse" as well, I just don't have clarity as to what that means in context of current stock availability. As it's been a week since it's moved into that status without additional communication, I feared I may be impacted by stock availability holding up my order and be stuck waiting another 3 months, possibly subject to other product delays with my large order. Certainly a glimmer of hope that my shipping delays may be a result of the warehouse change as James posted. I'll post an update here either way.

    And I empathize with you Bart. My fear is based in what you and others are experiencing and have been highlighting here regarding orders: slow order progression, lack of clarity whether erratic availability of items has affected your order from shipping, and whether you are at risk of further delays if other products on your order come out of stock. Fanatec makes it clear that orders ship when all items are available and partial shipments are not an option - more clarity on what this means in certain scenarios may be incredibly helpful to consumers (explanation of statuses, their inventory "reservation" model, FIFO, etc.), as this is not the most common way we experience order fulfillment when shopping online today.

    Even more strange is that I've read that all items, even if on the same order, ship in individual boxes. So it's really just the order processing itself that is subject to the most risk of delay; meaning I don't see any benefit as a customer to make a large order and be at risk of (seemingly more common) delays, and instead just create individual orders. They ship individually anyway, so you're not reducing any shipping risk (lost packages or otherwise). Again, wouldn't be a concern if orders could process and ship at an order item level, but I understand why this may not be feasible for Fanatec today (software constraints, shipping agreements, etc.).

    Even with all the above, my lesson learned for purchasing items from Fanatec is to create a single order for every product. I shouldn't have to do that, but that would eliminate extraneous risk and any doubt that other product availability affects a larger order from being processed.

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