DD+ Force Feedback - Settings Move

I just moved from a DD Pro 8Nm to a DD+ wheel base. I‘m overall happy with my FFB settings I set up for different games on my DD Pro but wanted them stronger and the higher peak endurable why I chose DD+.

I don’t want to start from scratch with FFB settings on my DD+ so I wondered how to move from a lower torque Wheel base to a higher torque wheel base.

Are ALL values affected by FFB or values like NDP, NIN, NFR are not?


  • i am also wondering about changing settings. Did the same step as Marcel. Took the settings from the Forum for the Podium F1 and switched the FFB Strength to 65%. Would love to hear other suggestions. Nonetheless im very fine with the current settings. Feels like a huge step. Also very pleased with the progression of QR1 to QR2. Maybe Fanatec can also add some official recommendations.

  • There is no official recommendations ?

  • I find that after FFB Strength the best settings to play with are:

    1. Natural Inertia
    2. Friction
    3. Damper

    If you play with those one at a time you'll get a feel for what they do and be able to adjust them to your liking.

    Re-adjust FFB Strength after that.

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