CSL DD disconnects (already tried reseating)

My CSL DD with QR2 keeps disconnecting the wheel during races etc. I can hear the USB disconnect/reconnect on my PC when it happens. I've already tried reseating the shaft and clamp multiple times as this is a common issue (manufacturing defect it seems). Is there anything else I can do while I wait a month for Fanatec to reply to my issue?


  • I agree. very poor design. no matter how much I tighten the allen bolt in the clamp it eventually backs out usually during the last lap of a race I spent a morning practicing for. sometimes when I remove the wheel the entire plug comes wth it requiing a 1/2 hour of disassembly/reassembly. The only solution I can think of is to machine hole into the plug and collar and install a shear pin, however once the pin is in there is isn't coming out easily. Poor attention to detail ruins an otherwise very good product.

  • Luke

    Is this still an issue? I have similar experience, and like you not resolution. How can you hear the USB disconnect?

  • got the exact same issue, i dont hear the usb disconnect but re seating does nothing, i even ordered a better ring clip hoping that would fix it, ive contacted fanatec support but i guess ill have to wait 6 months for a reply

  • Not quite sure about this, but if the wheel disconnects from the wheel base you don't get the windows USB disconnect / Reconnect sound normally, as you suspect that indicates a problem with the Wheel shaft slipping out, or a damaged USB-C on the end of the Wheel shaft inside the motor, maybe a failing wheel, does it happen with other wheels. Pays to check the USB-C plug is sound.

    As you mentioned the QR2, make sure you steering wheels have the correct washer and screws attached near the Pins, old wheels had a flat metal washer and protruding screw heads, these had to be replaced with a thicker Plastic Washer with recessed holes for small headed screws that sat below the top of the washer. If you used the old screws they could interfere with the mating of wheel to wheel base via the QR2.

    If your base is losing connection to the USB port on you computer you will get the USB disconnect / Reconnect sound and that might indicate you have faulty USB cable, Computer USB port type incompatible (Chipset not Intel 2.0 or 3.1), are using a USB HUB or USB extension cable that is interfering with the signal, causing drop outs (Always use shortest USB cable of 1 - 1.5 meters and direct from computers USB port to USB on Wheel base).

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