Fanatec delivery delays UK

Hi all

Order ref 1788827

On 11th November, I have ordered a CSL DD bundle for my son birthday on 27th November and status shows completely shipped but I am starting to worry a lot as no news at all …. how long will it take? he will be devastated as I put all his pocket money to help with the purchase…

Why are they taking new orders if they cannot deliver properly! or stop selling to UK customers if Brexit generated mess is not manageable?

Not sure what to do…

Kind regards



  • I'm in the same boat bud. Placed my order on 9th of November hoping for an end of month delivery and wanting not to be swallowed by the black Friday sale orders but slim to no chances I'll see the order before next month.

    The customer service are giving me only vague and unrelated answers with warehouse and backorder issues.

    My opinion is that they shouldn't be taking any new orders until they deal with their backlog as the information they provide is extremely misleading and borderline illegal

  • My experience recently is that it can go to completely shipped quite quickly, a tracking number can also be generated during the following week but sit waiting for UPS to receive the items for about 1 week (as explained vaguely when purchasing)

    I currently have an item on its way and due to me in the UK this Friday approximately 12 days after going completely shipped.

    A clear improvement over my last experience 👍

  • Yeah I agree this is borderline illegal and must be against some consumer legislation. They are taking payments for orders that they can not fulfill I would say that's illegal. I have been in correspondence with a person from transfer called "Amelie" and unfortunately they are just filling me and others with the usual tripe. "I will forward your order on to the warehouse department for urgent review" and "we are fanatec are not happy to see unhappy customers" well they have a dam fine way of showing it. Just stop taking payment due orders they can't fulfill in a timely manner. I can promise you not I WILL NEVER buy anything directly from fanatec ever again. First impressions matter and my first impressions of fanatec are to stay away far far away.

  • Same here. Placed the order on the 4th of Nov for CSL DD bundle. When I placed the order it said back order until the 10th, but on the 8th the order changed to completely shipped. I did receive the email telling me that even though it's been dispatched it will take longer. I just don't like not knowing at all what stage it's at or if it's even been acknowledged.

  • Thank you for the support! Sounds like we are all in a kind of German queue … please keep each other updated

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