AMS 2 with CSL DD Wheel

I've seen this problem reported all over, but trying several fixes is not helping. Any advice.

Had my wheel for over a year, never had a problem from day one in any game including AMS 2.

After a failed AMD GPU driver installation fail lead to me having to reinstall windows, I have tried to get my wheel to work in AMS 2, and it wont have it.

Used to work in PC mode without issue, now, can not get it to work in PC or compatibility mode.

AMS 2 recognises it in both modes, but can not assign any buttons or wheel and pedal inputs as I keep getting the multiple inputs detected error.

I've tried different USB ports, unplugged all other USBs tried various other fixes, all to no avail.

Help Me Obi Wan, you are my only hope.



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