money back after buying right before sale

so im wondering is there is a policy that fi you buy right before a sale and the item you bought whent on sale if you get the divrence back


  • There is no right to get your money back if a item goes on sale (which always can happen around Black Friday).

    If you are in the 14 day withdrawal window you can return the product or ask them if they would kindly refund you the difference but they dont have to do that as the contact was about the old higher price which both parties agreed on.

  • I wouldn't hold my breath for that 🙈

    I've just spent 1500 euros + tax this last month and could have saved 200-ish euros (so far) if I bought things during this week. I suspect that more of the gear I bought will be revealed on sale as well later this week...

  • There may be no “right to get your money back” but if you are within your refund period you absolutely can get your money back by starting a return / refund and buying again. I too have asked Fanatec to refund me difference since I’m well within a refund period… and let’s face it, it will be much better for Fanatec to not have to ship me 2 separate identical orders for me to get the sales price if I’m still within the refund period. I’m fine paying $20 to ship back and make 2 separate purchases, but as a brand Fanatec would be stupid to not give us credits and require us to purchase an identical order at sales pricing. This only increases customer support issues, increases the waste of time from shipping to customer and then the return shipping back, plus it now takes 2 identical items out of Fanatec’s supply to be able to sell to other customers… so the smart business decision would be to credit anyone who asks for a partial credit the money difference as long as they are within their refund period.

  • Well if you bought last month then you’d be out of the refund period so of course they wouldn’t have to or should refund you back. But if you bought the items a few days before the sale then you’re still well within refund period and Fanatec would be wise to do a partial refund of the difference than have a 2nd identical order have to be processed and shipped out. Every retailer does this… Best Buy, Target, Micro Center, etc. If you’re within the return period it makes no sense to deny giving us money back for a purchase we are within a return period on…

  • @Fadie Areny - As you'll soon come to learn (if you haven't already): the terms "Fanatec" and "smart business decision" are not frequent bedfellows.

  • Hahaha well that’s their decision to make. I’ll be fine buying another order and sending them my old one if they want to deal with the headache and have two identical orders processed and shipped out and then have one sent back to them. Backwards thinking here for a business but whatever haha

  • Good luck dealing with this company. Good luck getting refunded. Good luck having someone even reply to your support ticket.

  • ya hoping to get my wheel soon but not expecting it since i have not even gotten atracking nummer after 5 days

  • I just received a 1-year voucher for the difference of my purchase the week before Black Friday and the Black Friday sale. Though it's not as ideal as getting it as a partial refund credit to your payment method; it still is awesome that Fanatec responded to me via the contact form I submitted and then offered me a voucher for the product price difference. I purchased everything I think I need; however, I'm expecting some new steering wheels and cool things in 2024 so I can use my voucher when I find something I like that's new. Anyways hope this answer helps anyone who is wondering whether they will get a refund or credit for the difference between their price and the sales price. The short answer is YES, just make sure to contact them if you haven't already using their contact form... and then just wait. They will do what's right, especially if you are still within your refund/return period.

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