11 Weeks wainting my order!


I ordered my Steering Wheel Nascar on the 2nd September, over 11 weeks ago, yes ,11 WEEKS!!!!!

I still waiting for my order after 72 DAYS, How it's possible ????

I'm absolutely furious at the way this whole situation has been handled. I've been completely ignored and I honestly don't know what to do anymore. You couldn't have given me a worse customer experience if you tried. It's been an utter nightmare.

I sent many emails and calls over this whole time. I got 2 times response apologising for the incovenience besacuse UPS LOST MY ORDER and now been resolved with new order placed by Fanatec and a new tracking number provided over a week ago, but nothing changed.

What has happened to my order and when should I expect it? Maybe will be arrive next 6 months???? Who knows with this patetic and terrible company!!!!


  • Oh my God, I really sympathise with you mate, 11 weeks wait is outrageous!!

    I waited just over 3 weeks for my CSL DD 5nm to be delivered and I thought that was bad, but 11 weeks is just terrible. I'm hoping you're sorted now my friend?

    All the best


  • man, even waiting two weeks is too much when item is in warehouse

  • I replaced also an order for the Podium Button Module Rally 3 weeks ago. It Was like Shop, on Stock, but the status did not changed since then and is still "order receveid". No answer from suport If i have to wait or If they have problems with the delivery.

    Its a shame to sell every day more and more stuff and let the costomers allone with they problems. Fanatec is direktly here in my hometown Landshut and I would also pick it up, but no Informations, no answers,

    I spend thousands of Euros for fanatec stuff, but the First other DD witch operate with ps5, from Moza or Any other Company will be mine. I will then never go back to Fanatec, even when I would support my hometown Company first.

    I hope there will be more and more DD bases with ps5 Support in the future to have a Bretter choice.

  • desde el 6 de septiembre estoy esperando mi pedido y nada todavia

  • You and me both - 30th August was my order date

    I've just had a THIRD new order added to my account posing itself as a 'pre-order' to be shipped on the 27th.

    Not holding my breath.

  • I had a reply from support about the Rally order... It was also in stock when I ordered. But apparently this was a mistake. Only the US had a few in stock, EU none, so it should have been a pre-order.

  • Wow, you get a reply from support??? That's great, more than I received.

    It is ok if the the order is not in stock and the need more Time. That's not the point, but they should inform the customers. Also the time for delivery should be knowed, it is a german company with contracts for everythink and every case of delay.

    Support was not the best and fast in the past, but 500% better than now. Only stell without to take care of the customers is not the right way. To inform somebody did not cost them anything. Only a automazated email...

  • you and me both man, i ordered my csl 5nm mclaren wheel on 24th of ocotber and it has now been delayed to 14th of december. when i ordered it was stated to be delivered within 4 days, not 4 months. this company is a joke, if they keep up like this i'll be switching to simagic or moza in no time!

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