CSL elite + with clubsport formula V2 not working ps4 games

dear reader,

i just purchased the following set:

CSL Elite + base

CSL Elite pedals with loadcell

clubsport formula v2 wheel

Clubsport BMW m3 Gtr wheel

with the F1 games they work like a charm on my PS4 and i’m really happy.

but with driveclub, project cars goty or dakar i’m having issues. Not starting, no input or simply not responding.

Is there a way to check of games are compatible?

or are there ways to install ?

thank you!



  • Those games are very old. You need to use the PlayStation compatibility mode (purple LED) for such old games where the CSL E WB+ simulates being a CSW V2 which by that time was PS compatible with this old games.

  • You Must Download older Firmware From

    Category Forum Drivers Test old V289 or V311 for the CSI Elite The Power Button will have now 4 Modes Blue Yellow Purple Red

    Driveclub Dirt Project Cars will run . Driveclub in Logitech Mode in dont Know the color anymore Project Cars 1 it is CSW V2 or Logitech Mode.I have it it works belive me.If you have a old Clubsport V2 it works on

    Project Cars 1 and on Playststion 3 with Gran Turismo 5/6 in White Mode 10s Power Button

    Holding and old Firmware.

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