Podium or Clubsport

I  play on PC and can see there is BF on the podium but it's 5 years old, what will be best podium or clubsport base


  • The Podium DD's will be capable of stronger constant forces than the CS DD/+, the DD1 less so. For me it comes down to the new technology and what future firmware and drivers will bring that won't be applicable to the Podium.

    What really intrigues me is how the sim developers will incorporate the Full Force in their road textures, especially iRacing with rain right around the corner.

    Lastly, I had the CSW v2.5 at 8 Nm which I was very happy with so significant increase in strength really is not a selling point to me. Perhaps watch Boosted Media You Tube review of the CS DD/+

    Good luck in your decision making.

  • The Podium DD2 is superb Wheelbase with 5 guarantee. If you don't need Fullforce any tones from coils, don't worry. DD2 is still a high-end podium with more slew rate and torque than a Clubsport .The Clubsport will be certainly next year on Sale .You will always sell the DD2 for 700 next Year if you want a Clubsport .

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    Am I correct in my thinking that this "Full Force" feature of the CS/CS+ wheelbases is something that will specifically need to be supported and implemented by developers on a per-game basis? If so, it kind of sounds very similar to Logitech's "True Force", which from people I've spoken to, is either rarely supported or when it is, isn't particularly good. Sounds a bit gimmicky to me.

  • You are correct that it will be on a developer basis as well as similar to Logitech's True Force. At this point gimmicky well may describe it, hopefully as it is used it can become something else. Worth a flier IMO.

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