Paypal doesn’t work for new orders…

Hi guys, I wanted to place a new order with a full Fanatec setup, but when I select PayPal as my payment method, the order process will end in an error. With credit card it’s not a problem, but I don’t want to pay with credit card.

why is there so much advertising about PayPal payment when it isn’t working?

and before you say to try another browser etc. I have tried it and the problem is still there.

seems that Fanatec won’t have my money and will that I buy by a concurrent maybe? Pretty annoying…


  • It’s a problem with your PayPal account. It works for me and most likely everyone else too

  • It is not an issue with his Paypal.

    It's a known issue in the webshop since several months which they seem to not be able to fix.

    Apparently it only affects old customer Accounts, if you create a new one and use the same Paypal account then it's immediately working.

  • well it does worked for me and i'm not anymore a in new customer category, maybe helps if you log out and then login

  • No that does not help.

    If you are affected, then its broken - forever. And you need to create a new webshop account to get Paypal working again.

    As said, this is known since at least June but seems to be impossible to fix.

  • Yep. Had this before too. When I tried to order extra stuff after the initial order PayPal credit was broken. I contacted PayPal and they said the issue was with the vendor and their means of finalising a transaction. It seems once you've used this facility then it becomes off limits for future use.!? PayPal did some fiddling at their end and I had to wait 48 hrs for my account to reset before I could even login in, as this may upset things??, only to find the same result. Give us your cash or spank your plastic but please don't use your Pal credit again to make your life a little bit easier. Shame really when a lot of us are going out on limb to make our lives a little more pleasurable spending money on things we know should really be going elsewhere. When we've finally convinced ourselves that this is a priority spend 🤔, Fanatec won't take our money! (PP credit). Bad Fanatec for not wanting to make money and develop products. Kudos though for keeping my lights and heating on. Food on the table, fuel in the car etc etc etc😁

  • Same issue here, PayPal stopped working for me. As I already have a second account thanks to Fanatec and their continues issues with their web-shop, I'm not willing to create a third one. All equipment I ordered since 2016 will be gone again, no thanks. Had this before.

    Why is it so difficult to fix the web-shop?

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