Site down and Black Friday tab added

Looks like they are going to be having some Black Friday specials. I might need to cancel my order after all if any of the stuff im still waiting for is now discounted. This is going to cause a big mess for Fanatec.


  • Also already some products with a discount.

    DD2 for 799€ or a shifter for 159€ that opens DD2 page.

    Fanatec always have so many issues in updating the website and doing things right the first time.

  • So that's a pickle. The DD2 is only €100 more than the CS DD, which I preordered this morning. I don't need as much torque as the DD2 is offering (I know it's about more than torque) but I also don't know whether I should hold out for the CS DD or just pay a little extra and go for the DD2!

  • Do I have to pay the shipping costs daily if they are going to put the Black Friday offers on a daily basis? If I'm going to pay €50 shipping each time, where is the savings if I want to buy several things?

  • I suggest watching Boosted Media video of an overview of the CS DD/+. In short he says he thinks the CS DD would be his choice over both the DD1 and DD2.

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    Maybe I watched a different video. But he also said when prices drop further (His conclusion was based on DD1 999€ price) the Podium bases are also still worth considering, especially because the changes are not that game changing on the CS DD(+).

    Plus don't forget the 5 years warranty a DD2 gets while a CS DD only gets 1 or 2 years default warranty!?

    For the 799€ price also both QR's are included. With a CS DD you probably have to spent another 100€ if you want still QR1.

  • Hi, quick cuestion.. Can I pick and pay different products along the week and get it in one deliver paying only one shipment or thats not possible?

    Sorry my bad english.

  • Same video, it may come down to interpretation of the information and assessing value.

    For me the cost would have to be less than the CS DD, as newer technology is more attractive than a sales % discount.

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