I just figured out my tracking number :)


I just managed to figure out my tracking number ;)

So all tracking numbers from Fanatec start`s with same 10 digits combination:


Last 4 digits are your personal tracking numbers (check them from UPS if you track by Reference Number)

So now he have almost full tracking number :)

1Z1YF34768..(sequence number )...(last 4 numbers from UPS)

We are missing 4 sequence numbers. This sequence number increases with every order fanatec sends out.

Sequence number in 18.10 was 5053

What i did:

I started check tracing numbers in UPS one by one

First i tried - 1Z1YF347685053... (last 4 personal)


1Z1YF347685054..... (last 4 personal)

1Z1YF347685055..... (last 4 personal)

1Z1YF347685056..... (last 4 personal)

1Z1YF347685057..... (last 4 personal)

After 5min i reached number 1Z1YF347685073.... (last 4 personal) and whalaaa it was MY TRACING number :)

So i don`t know was is just stupid luck but it worked for me 😀

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