What is Fanalab and do I need it?

Guys what is Fanalab and do I need it?

I see it all over the forums, but there’s no download in the downloads section. Under drivers, there’s a drivers download and that’s it.

Thanks in advance.


solved it myself. Old software, disregard.


  • Its not old software - it allows you to customise the LEDs/Revlights, individual configs/settings for individual cars for each game...

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    "solved it myself. Old software"

    Where did you found that? Thats a highly inaccurate statement.

    FanaLab is a very recent software and for me an absolutely essential tool to control the LEDs and the Display and also the FFB fine-tuned for every car which even get loaded automatically with the latest versions.

    But given your statement I think you dont really NEED it as I think its not a tool for you.

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