DD PRO (PC) clunky/kicky feel through the wheel


Recently received my GT DD PRO and have been grinding a bit, although immediately noticed some clunky/kicky feel through my Mclaren V2 wheel. It's diffucult to tell when and where it excactly happens, but it just don't feel natural.

I have it with QR lite(plastic)

Is it something normal and can be fixed by tuning menu or my wb might be faulty ?

I have tried different settings, but seems to be the same.

Looking forward to hearing from you all with similar experiences.


  • Hello!

    This issue is a common issue with the QR Lite, i had the same experience, where i would suddenly feel a clunk\shift in FF while driving, most of the times consecutive fast corners from left to right etc. This can be fixed by adding a bit of electrical tape in the slider on the wheel. This will stop the QR Lite from moving around, and will make it tighter. Or you can do as i did, upgrade to a proper QR, and the issue is gone :)

  • "Upgrade to a proper QR"

    Or, rather than rewarding Fanatec by paying them more money for a solution to a problem that should not exist if they had proper quality control, you could return your current QR Lite and demand a new one which fits properly and works as it should. At the very least, after explaining your issue, they will probably offer you a modest discount to upgrade to the metal QR.

  • Well, you could, but since its plastic on metal there will be some issues. Hence why i said you could add a piece of electrical tape to the stem where you slide the wheel in, and that should do it. If you do so, you are not giving fanatec any more money, you are actually fixing it for UNDER .5$.

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