PS4/PS5 Podium F1 DD Is Missing SHO In Tuning Menu?

I noticed that in GT7 I'm not feeling any of the rumble strips through my Porsche|BME wheel rim. I have the FOR set to 100, but noticed there's no SHO setting like in previous models. How can I configure this to feel the rumble strips in GT7? Or is that something that isn't working atm? Thanks in advance!



  • That's normal. GT7 does not have the best FFB and curbs in general are just numb.

    SHO is only available for steering wheels which have vibration motors as SHO controls only those motors and it does not affect FFB at all. As you have the BME, which does not have vibration motors, it's intentionally missing.

  • Ah okay, good to know, thanks for the info!


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