Can't decide what to upgrade first


I have been using the fanatec CSL Elite wheel base and steering wheel bundle now for over 2 years and have gotten hours of joy from it but I'm looking to upgrade to the next level but can only afford to change one thing at a time. I'm looking at the clubsport steering wheel formula V2.5 as a wheel option. The DD Pro as a wheel base and the clubsport V3 pedals. I'm using a PS5. So I'm just throwing it out there to see what people think I should change first. What would enhance the driving experience the most. Thanks in advance for all opinions.



  • Buying a PC greatly enhance the driving experience.

  • Thanks for the feedback Alessandro but I'm afraid that's really not an option for me

  • You'll feel the most noticeable difference from a new wheelbase. I'd do that first, then if you've already got load cell pedals, I'd get the wheel next. If not, go for the pedals and get the wheel last.

    One bit of advice, if you can afford it financially... don't get rid of your old kit. Hang on to it just in case you have any issues with the new stuff. Fanatec's customer service is notoriously slow when it comes to returns/ repairs, and you don't want to be weeks or months without being able to race if at all possible.

  • Thanks Greg, appreciate your opinion, I wasn't really sure what to do. I'll definitely keep my old until it's fully replaced. Cheers again for that.

  • If you are like me and mainly play GT7, a new base will not help that much as the force feedback in the game is abysmal. That's no fault of Fanatec. In my opinion that rests solely on Polyphony. Having said that, I would upgrade the pedals. You will get a better driving experience with them.


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